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Graph diffusion models for anomaly detection - Amazon Science

Anomaly detection on graphs focuses on identifying irregular patterns or anomalous nodes within graph-structured data, which deviate significantly from the norm. This domain gains paramount importance due to its wide applicability in various fields such as spam detection, anti-money laundering, and…

4 things Facebook doesn’t tell you about privacy, security | Network World

Let us be perfectly clear: While Facebook has received a lot of criticism lately about its new privacy policies and Open Graph concept, which allows them to partner with other sites which will also have access to some Facebook user data, Facebook isn't explicitly keeping secrets from you. But some security professionals and users continually knock the site for what they say are less-than-clear explanations about where your data is going, and how secure the site really is.

Intel’s new Haswell chips may be hot, but not in a good way | Network World

Early tests, online discussions and even some OEMs seem to show a potential bump in the road for Intel's latest-generation processor architecture – a bump you can see on a temperature graph.

GLAD: Graph-based long-term attentive dynamic memory for sequential recommendation - Amazon Science

Recommender systems play a crucial role in the e-commerce stores, enabling customers to explore products and facilitating the discovery of relevant items. Typical recommender systems are built using n most recent user interactions, where value of n is chosen based on trade-off between incremental…

Zynga to let users play games without Facebook | Network World

Zynga's network of users has historically been tightly linked to Facebook's social graph, but now the gaming giant is looking to branch out.

Yahoo VP: Social graph is weak for targeting ads | Network World

For Yahoo, people's online social connections are not very effective for targeting ads, when compared with better "signals" like search queries, location information, stated interests and content viewed, according to a Yahoo vice president.

NetFlash: Do you believe in Magic Quadrants? | Network World

Gartner sizes up IT vendors and sticks all their names on a graph, and the upper-right-hand area is the coveted Magic Quadrant. If you’re there, the world is your oyster, and if you’re not - well, obviously Gartner made a mistake. In this week’s A Wider Net, we have the story behind the Magic Quadrant - the upside, the downside, and the upper-right-hand side. Do you believe in Magic Quadrants? http://www.nwfusion.com/news/2004/0209widernetquadrant.html?net

Best AI tools for SEO | TechRepublic

We often look for free AI tools for SEO. Some of the basic free AI tools are: Google Keyword Planner AnswerThePublic Ubersuggest LSI Graph Screaming Frog

Microsoft beefs up Office 365’s Delve, aims to complete its rollout by May | Network World

Delve, the first application that taps the Office Graph machine learning engine, was announced a year ago

Skin tone disentanglement in 2D makeup transfer with graph neural networks - Amazon Science

Makeup transfer involves transferring makeup from a reference image to a target image while maintaining the target’s identity. Existing methods, which use Generative Adversarial Networks, often transfer not just makeup but also the reference image’s skin tone. This limits their use to similar skin…

VK плачет, Social Graph смеется, Telegram наблюдает / Хабр

Скажи мне кто твой друг, и я скажу кто ты Вы наткнулись на необычный проектик, который изучает дружеские коллективы, группы конкретного пользователя или группы профилей с помощью социального графа...

Теория графов в машинном обучении для самых маленьких / Хабр

Сложность представления данных для глубокого обучения растет с каждым днем. Нейронные сети на основе данных в виде графа (Graph Neural Network, GNN ) стали одним из прорывов последних лет. Но почему...

Удар молнии с VFX Graph / Хабр

Публикация направлена на новичком или людей плохо знакомых с VFX Graph . Перед началом: Использована версия Unity 2022.3 , должно работать на всех версиях выше 2020.2 Перед началом поставьте галочку...

OpenGDA Dataset | Papers With Code

OpenGDA is a benchmark for evaluating graph domain adaptation models. It provides abundant pre-processed and unified datasets for different types of tasks (node, edge, graph). They originate from diverse scenarios, covering web information systems, urban systems and natural systems. Furthermore, it integrates state-of-the-art models with standardized and end-to-end pipelines. Overall, OpenGDA provides a user-friendly, scalable and reproducible benchmark

Многопоточный Python на примерах: избавляемся от дедлоков / Хабр

Дедлоки  — распространенная проблема в многопоточном программировании. В больших приложениях вручную отслеживать порядок блокировок может быть достаточно сложно, причем эта проблема может не...