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VB in Conversation - Singapore's AI Edge | VentureBeat

Singapore’s AI Edge In the space of nine months, Google Cloud’s Caroline Yap has held over one thousand meetings with C-suite officers and boards of directors about generative AI. In her role as Managing Director of Global AI Business and Applied Engineering at Google Cloud, she sat down with VentureBeat to talk about the speed […]


Искусственный интеллект пишет новости — Google начала платить СМИ за публикации / NV

Google заключает соглашения с издателями, чтобы публиковать на их платформах статьи, написанные искусственным интеллектом.

Stack Overflow partners with Google Cloud to power developer generative AI intelligence | VentureBeat

Chandrasekar explained that through the OverflowAPI, Google now has continuous access to the APIs that pull public data from Stack Overflow. These APIs enable access to the same data available to the Stack Overflow community via its public APIs.

Google expands BigQuery with Gemini, brings vector support to cloud databases | VentureBeat

Google is dramatically expanding its database capabilities for AI, with vector search support now coming to all of its cloud databases.

Google Genie — новая система искусственного интеллекта, умеющая создавать 2D-игры / NV

В Google DeepMind разработали систему искусственного интеллекта Genie, которая может генерировать целые игровые миры.

A year after AI 'code red,' Google is red-faced amid Gemini backlash. Was it inevitable? | The AI Beat | VentureBeat

Google has long-worried that its LLM releases could lead to user backlash, so criticism of its Gemini model was, perhaps, inevitable.

Google apologizes for ahistorical and inaccurate Gemini AI images: 'We missed the mark' | VentureBeat

After Google's AI chatbot Gemini generated embarrassing and inaccurate images of historical figures, the company apologized and paused the feature, capping a rocky start to its AI ambitions versus rivals like OpenAI.

Ноутбуки Acer с ChromeOS теперь официально в Украине / NV

Acer объявила об официальном начале продаж в Украине ноутбуков с операционной системой от Google Chrome OS.

Google Deepmind proposes ‘self-discover’ framework for LLMs, improves GPT-4 performance | VentureBeat

In 21 out of 25 tasks, the self-discover LLM framework was found to be outperforming chain-of-thought reasoning and other techniques with performance gains of up to 32%.

Kyndryl teams up with Google Cloud on responsible generative AI | VentureBeat

Kyndryl unveiled an extended collaboration with Google Cloud to spearhead the development of responsible generative AI solutions across industries.

What is Raspberry PI - Javatpoint

What is Raspberry PI with blog, what is quora, what is yandex, contact page, duckduckgo search engine, search engine journal, facebook, google chrome, firefox etc.

Google MusicFX — новый инструмент для генерация музыки по текстовому описанию / NV

Google представила MusicFX, инструмент для генерации музыки на основе искусственного интеллекта MusicLM. Как он работает и что можно создать?

New Linux kernel borrows Google packet speeding tech | Network World

Linus Torvalds releases version 2.6.35 of the Linux kernel

Microsoft will try to block Google-Yahoo Japan deal | Network World

A legal battle is brewing between Microsoft and Google for control of Japan's lucrative search market.

Google topping tech M&A market in 2010 | Network World

Google is well on its way to acquiring more venture-backed start-ups than any other company in 2010, after years of watching rivals like Cisco, IBM, and Microsoft dominate the M&A market.

10 years after Microsoft vs. DoJ | Network World

Ten years after losing its antitrust browser battle against the U.S. Department of Justice, Microsoft continues to dominate some markets, swings and misses in others, and serves as an example of what not to do for competitor Google.

German Street View error lets iPhone users see hidden images | Network World

Google is facing fresh complaints over Street View in Germany, after technical problems caused some properties to be visible rather than blurred in a preview of the service launched earlier this week.

Google offers a peek at its Chrome laptop. Hint: it’s an NC | Network World

Google gave the world a first look at its new Chrome OS laptop Tuesday and according to CEO Eric Schmidt it's very much like the Network Computer devices that he was pitching while chief technology officer at Sun Microsystems 13 years ago.

Google pushes Chrome for businesses with Windows management tools | Network World

Google is continuing its push for business customers by adding policy features to the Chrome browser, giving IT shops the means to manage Chrome in Windows, Mac and Linux environments.

10 hot companies Google invests in | Network World

Google has been on a record acquisition pace, with nine purchases in 2010. In addition to making acquisitions, Google is helping independent start-ups grow with a new investment fund called Google Ventures.

Web store and in-app purchases coming to Android | Network World

Google on Wednesday introduced a new Android Market Web store and said in-app purchasing is coming soon.

Can Rivals Force Apple iPad Price Drop? | Network World

Upcoming Microsoft, Google and Hewlett-Packard tablets might be too little competition, too late, analysts say. But consumers stand to benefit from competition driving down prices.

Privacy groups file FTC complaint on behavioral advertising | Network World

Three privacy groups have filed a complaint with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission about behavioral advertising practices, accusing Google, Yahoo and other advertising vendors of creating a "Wild West" atmosphere with few rules for protecting consumer privacy.

Greenpeace says the cloud is a carbon polluter | Network World

A new report from Greenpeace warns that the growth in cloud computing will be accompanied by a sharp rise in greenhouse gas emissions, and calls on big companies like Facebook, Yahoo and Google to do more to help the environment.

Microsoft fights Google for government dollars | Network World

Microsoft used its annual Public Sector CIO Summit to highlight the use of its cloud services and take a few digs at Google, which has won some high profile public-sector contracts itself.