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Moto Razr 2022 pricing is revealed a day in advance of the flagship-grade foldable's launch - NotebookCheck.net News

Samsung is on track to launch its latest top-end foldable devices during the major Unpacked event of today (August 10, 2022). That may be why Motorola has chosen to go ahead and unveil a crucial detail on its potential contender the Moto Razr 2022. Considering the new clamshell's specs, the starting price in question has the potential to blow its Flip4 rival out of the water.

Microsoft discounts the new Surface Laptop Go 2 and Razer Blade 14

The Microsoft Store is offering up to a $100 disocunt on the newly-launched Surface Laptop Go 2, plus a few other high-end devices.

Обработка ошибок в Go — Tproger

Рассказываем и показываем на практических примерах, как обрабатывать различные ошибки в языке программирования Go.

Severance creators host special Q&A event to go behind the scenes of the series | iMore

To celebrate the success of the first season, the creators of Severance hosted a special panel conversation in Malibu, California.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak First Update Launches on August 10th; New Monsters, Anomaly Quests Detailed

The first Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak title update will go live tomorrow, August 10th, on PC and Nintendo Switch, bringing new content

SEO Tips For Graphic Designers

Despite natural friction, SEO and graphic design go together. Here's how to reconcile differences and tips on how to compromise

The Human Factor in Management - ScienceDirect

This chapter discusses the human factor in management. The field of human psychology is too vast and complex to go into too much detail, but it is hel…

The protection of ammonia-oxidizing bacteria (AOB) using PDDA/GO composite materials in high salinity wastewater - ScienceDirect

Ammonia oxidation is a critical process during nitrogen removal, while the activity of ammonia oxidizing bacteria (AOB) might be impacted severely in …

Scanadu Raises $2M: “Check Your Body As Often As Your Email” – TechCrunch

Meet Scanadu, an innovative health tech startup I daresay you'll be hearing a lot more from in the future. It's not the easiest of tasks explaining what the company is building at this point, but let's call it a personal, mobile, auto-diagnostics product - they refer to it as a Medical Tricorder. Founded in January 2011 by a team of entrepreneurs with diverse backgrounds, the roots of Scanadu actually go way back. One of the company's founders, and its chief executive officer, is Walter De Brouwer - someth

Recipe Search & Sharing Service Foodily Arrives On iPhone – TechCrunch

Recipe search engine Foodily is arriving on mobile today, with an all-new iPhone application that will allow users to search recipes while on the go, see what recipes their friends have liked and share their own recommendations via photos snapped with the iPhone's camera. In addition to the social features, the app provides mobile access to Foodily's recipe search engine, so you can find the ingredients you need for a dish while you're out and about.

Drumo Is Quora For Cities – TechCrunch

It's hard when you're new to a city and have no friends. When I visit a new city I tend to hide in trees and behind garbage bins and watch people from afar, seeing where they go to eat and socialize. Then I go to those places at night, when they're closed, and sniff the air for their scent. However, Drumo offers an improved method for finding out specific things about a city using Quora-style discussion connected to geodata of major metropolitan areas.

Catch Up On A Day Or Week Of Missed News With Riversip Tech Reader – TechCrunch

You go on vacation, spend a day with the kids, buckle down on a project, and suddenly you're hopelessly behind on tech news. You could scan back through the pages of your favorite sites, but you'd have little way of knowing which stories were most important. Luckily, Israeli developer Briox has developed a data fusion technology that can surface the most relevant content from a firehose of sources. To show off the technology, it's released the free Riversip Tech Reader iOS app, which lets users view the la

PayPal’s Send Money App, and Why Facebook Never Built P2P Credits Payments – TechCrunch

PayPal relaunched a peer-to-peer payment Facebook app today that some news outlets are misinterpreting as a partnership between the two companies. I've confirmed with Facebook that it's not. It's just a standard application on the platform, and Facebook couldn't really do anything to stop PayPal. But why hasn't Facebook built its own way for friends to send money to each other using its virtual currency Credits? Because of significant fraud risks and its focus on making Credits work better for virtual go

Proximiant Launches “Tap And Go” Digital Receipts For Retailers – TechCrunch

Proximiant just launched a new service that provides digital receipts to customers of brick-and-mortar merchants. Like Square, the service involves the use of a low-cost hardware dongle that's given away for free. But unlike Square, Proximiant leverages NFC (near field communication) to send the receipt from the cash register to the mobile phone.

Mobile Dining Apps LocalEats & BiteHunter Announce Partnership – TechCrunch

Mobile dining apps for foodies on the go, LocalEats and BiteHunter, are today announcing a new content-sharing partnership. Starting now, LocalEats' users looking for a dining deal will see information from BiteHunter's deals database, while BiteHunter's users will see a restaurant synopsis provided by LocalEats. Since both apps are operating in the same space, but are not direct competitors, this type of partnership makes sense. Maybe more app developers should do the same?

Groupon Buys OpenCal, Launches Online Appointment Booking Service ‘Scheduler’ – TechCrunch

Now this makes a lot of sense. Groupon this morning announced its latest product, dubbed Groupon Scheduler, an online appointment service that makes it easier for both end users and merchants to go from offer to actual booking. Groupon Scheduler is based on technology from OpenCal, a Vancouver, Canada-based startup Groupon apparently - quietly - acquired in September 2011. The new product will become available to Groupon merchants and consumers in Sacramento and Miami beginning on December 7, 2011 (i.e. to

Curate Your Own Digital Magazine With Scoop.it For iPhone – TechCrunch

News curation startup Scoop.it has arrived on the iPhone today, allowing you to create your own digital magazine while on the go. The app, which works alongside the Scoop.it web service, essentially lets anyone be a publisher for any topic. Or perhaps, the more correct word is not "publisher," it's "aggregator."

Allmyapps Hits 2.5 million Windows Apps Users, Now Plans For Android – TechCrunch

Allmyapps has grown a lot since we last covered them. They had 100,000 users back in April, but recently hit 2.5 million. But with the news that Miscrosoft will develop its own Windows Apps store, they will have to "pivot", as they say. Thus they are repositioning as a "Personal App Manager" to go beyond the Windows world. What does that mean?

UpTo Lands Seed Funding To Go “Beyond Status Updates And Check-ins” – TechCrunch

A new, relatively stealth startup called Rock City Apps is gearing up for the launch of a mobile application called UpTo, and has raised an undisclosed amount in seed funding from Detroit Venture Partners and Ludlow Ventures to finance the development of the product. The company, which is based in Detroit, Michigan, plans to launch its first iPhone app 'soon' and lets you indicate your interest by inviting you to sign up to receive an invitation to the private beta. You can do that here.

Spool Raises $1 Million To Let You Cache Content To Mobile And Push It To Friends – TechCrunch

When Spool debuted at TechCrunch Disrupt in September, the app and browser extension was focused on caching videos, articles, and other web content to your mobile device. It was like Instapaper on steroids. Today, Spool will announce $1 million in new funding and an expanded vision -- allowing people to push that cached content directly to the devices of their friends. Investors include, SVAngel, Felicis Ventures, Yuri Milner's Start Fund and YouTube founder Steve Chen. The funding will go towards scaling

OK Go And Eytan And The Embassy Rockers Talk About Their New App: inBloom – TechCrunch

Today two musicians sat down with me to have a chat: Andy Ross of OK Go, and Eytan Oren of Eytan and the Embassy. But we weren't there to talk music. The dynamic duo actually built an iPhone app called InBloom — a Yelp-style application that offers up sustainable businesses and eco-friendly/dietary food retailers based on location — and sat down with me to tell us how it came to be, and what it's all about.

Evi Arrives In Town To Go Toe-to-Toe With Siri – TechCrunch

When Siri arrived on the iPhone 4S I thought to myself, who else could do this? It would need to be a search engine with natural language processing, but also behave in the manner of artificial intelligence and respond to voice recognition. One company that sprung to mind was True Knowledge. I pinged them. Are you working on a Siri type application, I asked? Interesting question, was their response. And then they went quiet.

Between Nothing And A Blog: Check Out CheckThis, A Cool New Micro-Publishing Tool – TechCrunch

I don't often get a chance to write about a startup from my home country (Belgium) that I'm super excited about, so consider me a happy camper. Meet CheckThis.com, a new micro-publishing service that lets you create and share a single, good-looking Web page in mere seconds. CheckThis is designed for people who need a little more space than a tweet but don't want to go through the hassle of setting up a new blog. In literally instants, you can use CheckThis to create a stand-alone page to sell your bike, hi

Between nothing and a blog: check out CheckThis, a cool new micro-publishing tool – TechCrunch

I don't often get a chance to write about a startup from my home country (Belgium) that I'm super excited about, so consider me a happy camper. Meet CheckThis.com, a new micro-publishing service that lets you create and share a single, good-looking Web page in mere seconds. CheckThis is designed for people who need a little more space than a tweet but don't want to go through the hassle of setting up a new blog. In literally instants, you can use CheckThis to create a stand-alone page to sell your bike, hi

A New Era of Interoperability With Metropolis World and Flare Network | HackerNoon

Metropolis World wants to go one step further and bridge the gap between different blockchains and metaverses, partnering with the Flare Network