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How tech and game devs should view stock options at tax time | Scott Chou interview | VentureBeat

It's time employees to understand the value of their stock options, as tech IPOs are expected to make a comeback in 2024.

FTC settles complaint about fake video game testimonials | Network World

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has settled a complaint it made against a public relations firm accused of using employees to pose as ordinary customers to post reviews of video games on Apple's iTunes store, the agency said Thursday.

Xbox 360 was best-selling console in July | Network World

Microsoft's revision of the Xbox 360 brought results in July when the console topped the U.S. video game sales ranking for the first time in three years, according to figures from NPD Group.

Microsoft sees many uses for gesture-controlled interfaces | Network World

Motion sensing technologies like Microsoft Kinect won't be limited to PCs and video game consoles, Microsoft's chief research and strategy office Craig Mundie said in a speech at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Thursday.

Microsoft to open online PC game store | Network World

Microsoft plans to open a new online PC game store called Games for Windows Marketplace in the middle of November, it said Monday.

Nintendo chooses Japan’s Pica 3D engine over AMD, Nvidia | Network World

Nintendo's 3DS portable game console will uses a graphics processing engine designed by a Japanese company, which was selected over technology from graphics heavyweights like Nvidia and Advanced Micro Devices, an analyst said.

Counting the cost of Call Of Duty war | Network World

It's been less than three weeks since Activision's "Call of Duty: Black Ops" went on sale. The game quickly broke entertainment sales records, with worldwide revenue of US$650 million during its first five days in stores. The game's online component is wildly popular, with hundreds of thousands of players simultaneously logged in to battle each other, and is creating some big numbers of its own.

Customized Xbox 360 controller brings gaming to the disabled | Network World

Steve Spohn is wheelchair-bound, on a ventilator and can barely move because of muscular dystrophy, but he's still able to play video games. He participated in last week's Games for Health conference in Boston, where the AbleGamers Foundation hosted the Hardware Hackers Challenge, a contest to build a handicap-accessible game controller in under two hours.

IT centralization is back in fashion | Network World

When the economy plummeted at the end of 2008, the Western U.S. branch of The Salvation Army was ahead of the cost-cutting game. CIO Clarence White had centralized the IT organization a year or two earlier, and he had consolidated the database and storage servers from the business units into a single data center in Long Beach, Calif.

Japan earthquake, rare earth mining changes could change landscape for U.S. | Network World

Sometimes, when you are so far behind in a particular game of strategy, it's OK to fallback, regroup and slowly reevaluate your plan of attack .

Rovio to design versions of Angry Birds for China | Network World

Rovio plans Chinese versions of its Angry Birds game, with a target of 100 million downloads in China this year

Gaming firms must sail past China’s pirates to cash in | Network World

Although the game was developed in the U.S., the concept behind Plants vs. Zombies knows no cultural bounds for Chinese fans like 27-year-old Sai Na.

Cisco computer game lets you play CEO | Network World

If you want to be a CEO but not have any of the real responsibilities of one, you could try to play a new online game being offered by Cisco. The company this week posted myPlanNet, a computer game that lets anyone be a broadband executive making network deployment decisions.

NHL looks to Web video, mobile to further popularize game | Network World

NHL CTO Peter DelGiacco discusses how technology can enhance the hockey viewing experience.

FarmVille game developer opens studio in India | Network World

Zynga, the gaming company behind the popular FarmVille app on Facebook, has set up a studio in India to develop games for global markets, a company executive said on Thursday.

Research in Game Theory Tackles IT Complexity | Network World

As IT systems are getting more complex, designing them correctly is getting more difficult, too, says computer scientist Krishnendu Chatterjee. For his work on game theoretic models for the synthesis of correct systems he has now won both a 1.2 million (approximately US$1.7 million) grant from the European Research Council and a US$200,000 Microsoft Research Faculty Fellowship.

SharePoint 2010: Four Big-Name Social Networking Rivals | Network World

IBM, Cisco, Google and Salesforce all aim to beat Microsoft SharePoint 2010 at the high-stakes enterprise social networking game - and have recently made some smart plays. Here's a look at how the rivals currently stack up.

Is the iPad a Game Changer? | Network World

It won't be easy for the iPad to change the e-reader and publishing markets, much like the iPod did to the music industry. But here's five recent Apple successes that give the iPad an edge.

Pickup in lens orders points to more tablets with cameras | Network World

A Taiwanese producer of plastic lenses said on Wednesday its March revenues shot up because of a surge in orders from tablet PC makers, indicating that cameras will be installed on devices due for release later in the year.

Sony, Microsoft show progress in motion gaming | Network World

For anyone expecting significant updates on the progress of the motion-controlled gaming systems under development by Sony and Microsoft, this year's Tokyo Game Show will have disappointed. While both systems made brief appearances -- Microsoft's behind glass on the show floor and Sony's at a news conference -- the lack of demonstrations indicated that a fair amount of work remains before either is ready for sale.

Cisco Kills the Flip Camera, Consumers Ask Why | Network World

There I was at the San Francisco Giants game the other evening, when my buddy decided to do something a bit silly -- but memorable -- and handed me his little Flip camera. I'm not going to share the YouTube link, but the video is pretty good, considering the lighting was weird and it was a very chaotic environment. There's no way that I would have done nearly as well with my iPhone.

New Type of role playing game, ‘GhostX’ | Network World

There is a new concept RPG being provided at gamengame.com, a game host that offers prominent Korean online games free to play. The name of this ingenious game is GhostX. While a conventional RPG is characterized with either medieval or sci-fi components, GhostX can be distinguished with unique settings based on a virtual modern world. The idea of transforming ghost (Nanobot) conceived from genetic engineering is convincingly engaging for the players of the present world and be drawn into the story. On tha

Rovio teaming with disputed Chinese Angry Birds park | Network World

Angry Birds publisher Rovio is seeking to cash in on a Chinese theme park that has created a real-life Angry Birds game without the company's permission.

PlayStation 3 due in November, with hefty price tag | Network World

After months of silence Sony named the launch date and price for the PlayStation 3 on Monday, confirming its place as the most expensive game console yet produced.

Sony Takes Aim at Apple iPhone, iPad and iTunes | Network World

Although under siege and late to the game, Sony still might woo consumers with new products that largely mimic Apple products if the price is right, says one analyst.

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