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VoiceCon: Free VoIP management tools | Network World

Two network infrastructure vendors launched free management software tools at the VoiceCon show this week, with the aim of simplifying the setup IP desktop phones and carrier VoIP services.

CDT protests bill requiring registrars to enforce copyright | Network World

New legislation that seeks to curb copyright infringement by requiring domain-name registrars to shut down websites suspected of hosting infringing materials raises serious free-speech concerns, a civil liberties group said Tuesday.

Open source software a frequent flier on Virgin America | Network World

Virgin America's CIO says free and open source software (FOSS) is giving the fast growing airline a competitive edge in providing guest services vs. airlines relying mainly on more expensive and less flexible proprietary programs.

GNOME chief ’embarrassed’ by lack of free software Web services | Network World

Stormy Peters, executive director of the GNOME Foundation, called on LinuxCon attendees Thursday morning to build and use Web services based on free software.

New tool uses crowdsourcing to remove bloatware | Network World

The bloatware battle has reached the cloud. A new PC utility announced on Tuesday collects information from other users over the Web to help make computers run faster and free up disk space.

Asterisk preps assault on unified communications | Network World

Having taken on the IP PBX vendors with its free Asterisk software, Digium is now setting its sights on providers of business-grade unified communications platforms like Avaya, Cisco, Microsoft and Siemens.

Microsoft’s PowerPivot: Five Things You Need to Know | Network World

It comes free with Office 2010 and allows all of your Excel power users to dabble in business intelligence. Is it a godsend for IT or a new nightmare to manage?

Recycling electronics easy as taking out the trash | Network World

Ontarians have no excuse for tossing old iPods in the trash as a province-wide recycling program doubles its list of devices and drop-off locations. Torontonians get special curbside treatment and free e-waste bags for tired gadgets.

QuickStudy: Drupal | Network World

Drupal is free content-management software designed to let an individual or user group publish, manage and organize Web sites that feature a wide variety of content. Drupal is currently being used to power community Web portals, discussion sites, corporate Web sites, intranet applications, personal Web sites and blogs, fan sites, e-commerce applications, resource directories and social networking sites. Recently, the Obama administration adopted Drupal as the foundation for the WhiteHouse.gov Web site.

U.S. jury convicts Nigerian on wire fraud charges | Network World

A 31-year-old Nigerian man could face up to 20 years in prison after being convicted Tuesday of charges related to running advance free fraud scams for five years, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.

FBI arrests alleged cable modem hacker | Network World

U.S. federal authorities arrested a 26-year-old man on Thursday for allegedly selling modified cable modems that enabled free Internet access, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.

10 free iPhone apps for spectacular stargazing | Network World

There's a lot to watch in the nighttime sky -- everything from the International Space Station and meteor showers to planets and stars. There are tons of iPhone apps that can help everyone who has a little (or a lot) of astronomer blood in them watch the sky with more authority. Here we take a look at a few of the free apps that can help you out.

Acer unveils greenest laptops yet in new Aspires | Network World

Acer launched two new laptops on Friday labeled by the environmental group, Greenpeace, as being virtually free of two toxic substances, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and brominated flame retardants (BFR).

FTC targets ‘free’ trial offers from Canadian entrepreneur | Network World

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission files a lawsuit against a Canadian entrepreneur who allegedly offered free trials of products, but charged customers.

FCC takes ‘free love’ approach to white spaces spectrum | Network World

The Federal Communications Commission's new approach to dealing with white spaces spectrum could be best summed up by a variation of an old '60s trope: If it looks open, use it.

GPL faces test in German court | Network World

A major challenge to the principles of free software was mounted in a German district court on Tuesday.

Future Xerox printer uses new ink, heats paper | Network World

Xerox on Monday offered a glimpse into the future of its printing products, announcing a high-speed inkjet printer that employs a new type of liquid-free ink to produce higher quality prints while reducing costs.

Bump app draws buzz at CTIA | Network World

A free iPhone social networking application called "Bump" for quick sharing of personal contact information and photos created a buzz at the CTIA International wireless conference.

Music execs stressed over free streaming | Network World

Free music streaming services have replaced piracy as the chief concern for the ever-struggling music industry

States scramble to track federal stimulus bucks | Network World

There's no such thing as a free lunch, especially for IT.

Cisco cuts costs of Umi home videoconferencing | Network World

Cisco Systems acted to make its Umi home videoconferencing platform more affordable on Monday, slashing the service cost to US$99 per year and announcing a $399 product for slower Internet connections as well as free Mac and PC clients.

iPhone app tracks swine flu, other disease outbreaks | Network World

A free iPhone app called "Outbreaks Near Me" is designed to help users track and report oubreaks of swine flu and other infectious diseases.

Palm Pre readies app store e-commerce beta test | Network World

Palm is about to launch a beta test of an online system for selling and buying webOS applications. That means the "end of free" for Palm Pre users.

Linux Foundation chief: ‘You are an idiot’ if you don’t give back to open source | Network World

Linux is the granddaddy of all open source projects, the blueprint for the decentralized development processes. And some of those who use the Linux code, free for the taking, don't give back in equal measure. Still, the time for cajoling those users -- even commercial projects like Ubuntu leader Canonical -- into participating is over, says Jim Zemlin, executive director of the nonprofit Linux Foundation.

Smartphone OS leaves one hand free | Network World

Today's smartphones are too much of a handful, according to Israeli company Else: You either need to grab them with both hands and punch away at the keyboard with your thumbs, or you hold them with one hand and touch the screen with the other.