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Launch price TC Sessions: Crypto tix going, going… – TechCrunch

If blockchain, cryptocurrency, decentralized finance (DeFi) and web3 get your entrepreneurial motor running, do not miss our TC Sessions: Crypto daylong deep dive on November 17 in Miami. We have special launch pricing on passes and exhibitor packages, and you can save a chunk of change. But don’t pussyfoot around — supplies are limited, running […]


Parallel Numerical Methods in Finance - ScienceDirect

This chapter covers the high-performance parallel numerical methods most frequently used by C/C++ application developers in quantitative finance in th…


Personal Finance Service HelloWallet Launches On iPhone – TechCrunch

Mint competitor HelloWallet is launching on the iPhone today, with an application that provides at-a-glance spending guidance, budget details and your available cash balance. As a company, HelloWallet aims to differentiate itself from Mint by functioning as a full-service financial advisor, in addition to being a personal finance tracking application. On mobile, this aspect to its service shows up under the "Next Steps" section, which offers users personalized advice and tips. However, the app's key differ


Credit Sesame Brings Your Credit Score To The iPhone. For Free. – TechCrunch

Personal finance service (and TechCrunch Disrupt alum) Credit Sesame is launching its first mobile application today which gives users instant access to their current financial standing and their credit score. For free. And I don't mean "free" as in free, but if you don't read the fine print we'll sign you up for our monthly service. I mean free as in free.


SpotMe Payments: A Great App For Settling Up – TechCrunch

SpotMe, a handy little tool for sharing expenses in groups, is now a top 10 mobile app in the finance category and a featured app in Apple's App Store Rewind 2011. Zornitza Stefanova, the CEO of SpotMe's maker Boomerang Digital, describes the app as "a social messenger for payments." What that means is that the app takes over the often uncomfortable job of having to ask your friends for the money they owe - it does that for you.


UpTo Lands Seed Funding To Go “Beyond Status Updates And Check-ins” – TechCrunch

A new, relatively stealth startup called Rock City Apps is gearing up for the launch of a mobile application called UpTo, and has raised an undisclosed amount in seed funding from Detroit Venture Partners and Ludlow Ventures to finance the development of the product. The company, which is based in Detroit, Michigan, plans to launch its first iPhone app 'soon' and lets you indicate your interest by inviting you to sign up to receive an invitation to the private beta. You can do that here.


Mint Competitor HelloWallet Brings Its Personal Finance Service To Android – TechCrunch

HelloWallet, the self-described Mint competitor which closed a $12 million Series B earlier this year, is now bringing its personal finance service to a second mobile platform: Android. Previously, available for web and iOS, the Android app will deliver the same sort of features iPhone users have access to, including budget details and the ability to view your cash balance, as well as HelloWallet's unique location-based spending guidance.


GuiaBolso Brings Mint-style Financial Management To Brazil – TechCrunch

In August a new, homegrown entry raced onto Brazil’s top 10 most downloaded apps. It’s a list usually cluttered by American-made social media, music and gaming apps; but GuiaBolso, a Mint-style personal finance app joined the App Store on July 2 when Brazil was mid-way through a month-long World Cup paralysis and passed Tinder, Facebook and even Whatsapp over the last month to reach the #5 most downloaded app in Brazil, with no official launch announcement or marketing budget.


Penny Is A Chat-Based Personal Finance Coach – TechCrunch

Have you ever wondered why being financially responsible can be so difficult? Maybe it’s because most money management tools are too complicated and overwhelming for the average user. Penny, a new personal finance app, is fixing this by giving users personalized financial advice via a simple chat interface. As soon as you open the app for the first […]


LendUp Scores $150M For A Credit Card That Won’t Screw You Over – TechCrunch

Banks are so greedy that LendUp can undercut them, help people avoid debt, and still make a profit on its payday loans and credit card. Not only is software eating finance, but morality is too. LendUp’s slogan is “Ladders Not Chutes”. Building a business that doesn’t try to exploit everyone has not only brought it years of double-digit monthly growth. LendUp has now attracted an $150 million Series B.


Penny raises $1.2M in seed funding for its personal finance bot – TechCrunch

Penny, a personal finance bot we reviewed last fall, has raised $1.2 million in seed funding from Social Capital. As a refresher, the app offers a chat-based interface that offers advice tailored to your personal finances. This advice includes things like how much you spend on food each week, how this month’s spending compares to last month’s and […]


What Makes Decentralization the Best Hope for the West | HackerNoon

Decentralized Finance could save the west from financial catastrophe.


INDmoney raises $75M for its super finance app in India – TechCrunch

Indian startup INDmoney has raised $75 million in a new round as it attempts to build a super finance app to become a “one-stop shop” for people’s investments and expenses, a top executive said on Monday. Tiger Global, Steadview Capital, and Dragoneer co-led the startup’s $75 million Series D funding, said Ashish Kashyap, founder and […]


Mobile Photo And Video Platform Mobli Signs Up To The New NASDAQ Private Market – TechCrunch

On the heels of raising a $60 million round at a $1 billion valuation in November 2013, Instagram competitor Mobli today is announcing another finance move: it is joining the NASDAQ Private Market, the U.S. stock exchange's new marketplace aimed at private companies that are either trying to raise money or provide liquidity for existing investors, and want to turn to a wider pool of investors, beyond VCs, to do it.


Burnt Finance raises $8M led by Animoca Brands, launches DeFi-oriented NFT marketplace – TechCrunch

Burnt Finance is a crypto startup which, as a stunt, burnt a Banksy artwork and but then the NFT they’d minted for it for $400,000, double what it cost on the ‘normal’ open art market. Based on the idea that auctions for NFTs could be improved, it went on to raise $3 million for a […]

Banking, Finance and More with Noonies Nominee Radley | HackerNoon

2021 Noonies Nominee General Interview with Rad Sidwell-Lewis. Read for more on Investments, Finance, Tech, Entrepreneurship, Travel and Startups.

Во Frax Finance предложили отказаться от PoW-форков Ethereum

Разработчики Frax Finance предложили отказаться от запуска алгостейблкоина FRAX в потенциальных форках сети Ethereum на базе алгоритма Proof-of-Work (PoW).

monobank на следующей неделе получит полностью переделанный раздел статистики и аналитики затрат. Вот как он будет выглядеть - ITC.ua

monobank вскоре получит заметное визуальное обновление — разработчики полностью переработали модуль управления личными финансами PFM (personal finance

India says Vivo’s local unit evaded over $280M in import tax – TechCrunch

India’s anti-smuggling agency said that phone-vendor Vivo’s local unit had evaded customs duty of over $280 million, roughly a month after the country’s anti-money laundering agency raided the domestic offices of the Chinese company. The finance ministry said on Wednesday that its Directorate of Revenue Intelligence recovered “incriminating evidence indicating wilful misdeclaration in the description […]

Apple alum’s finance operations startup raises funds to expand globally – TechCrunch

Unlike a traditional platform that requires specific expertise to operate, Bluecopa's offering is touted to work with no special knowledge requirements.

Enrich Your Career With 1,000+ Online Learning Courses for $99 | PCMag

Get an all-access pass to training on development, finance, business, marketing, and more.

Blockchain and Everyday Application in Humanity | HackerNoon

Things to know about blockchain and its application in our day-to-day life from finance to digital identity management

Klein Finance Mainnet Official Launch | HackerNoon

On July 29, 2022, Klein Finance announced mainnet official launch based on KCC ecology.

Babel потеряла $280 млн на торговле клиентскими средствами

Babel Finance получила убыток в размере свыше $280 млн в результате неудачных торговых решений с клиентскими средствами, согласно предложению о реструктуризации