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Ocho wants to rethink (and rebrand) personal finance for business owners • TechCrunch

Teachable founder Ankur Nagpal is back to build his next startup: Ocho, a modern take on the solo 401(k) account.

How Robo Advisors Will Affect the Finance Industry | HackerNoon

Robo advising isn't just a buzzword. In the U.S. today, there are already $980 million in assets managed by robo advisors. These aren’t slowing down anytime soon. In fact, they’re growing by a rate of 27% annually. 

Кевин О’Лири встал на защиту Сэма Бэнкмана-Фрида | ForkLog

Инвестор и звезда телевизионного шоу Shark Tank Кевин О’Лири в интервью Yahoo Finance заявил, что считает экс-главу FTX Сэма Бэнкмана-Фрида невиновным, пока его предполагаемое мошенничество не доказано

How Open Source and AI Will Change the Future of Finance | HackerNoon

My prediction is that open source + AI will disrupt the financial sector in the upcoming years.

The potential Augmented Reality has to disrupt real sectors / Habr

Augmented reality (AR) has been gaining popularity in recent years, with companies such as Apple, Meta, Google and Microsoft investing heavily in the technology. AR technology allows users to see...

Orthogonal Trading объявила дефолт по кредитам на сумму $36 млн | ForkLog

Компания Orthogonal Trading объявила дефолт по восьми кредитам на сумму $36 млн в криптолендинговом протоколе Maple Finance из-за связанных с крахом FTX убытков.

Liquidity 101 and Solving Liquidity Risks in DeFi with DAM Finance | HackerNoon

DAM Finance, also known as DAM, has rolled out the Moonwalkers v1 test as part of ongoing test initiatives.

US green plan should be 'wake-up call' for EU industry: French minister

French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire on Friday said Washington's $430 billion plan to spur climate-friendly technologies in the United States must be seen as a wake-up call for Europe.

Finance Marketing: How To Form A Successful Content Strategy

Our Content Marketing For Finance ebook will guide you on how to overcome finance content roadblocks & plan a content strategy that converts.

РНБО заблокувало рахунки Freedom Finance. Що буде з грошима українців – AIN.UA

РНБО наклала санкції на українську компанію міжнародного брокеру Freedom Finance та його власника мільярдера Тимура Турлова. Активи тисяч українських клієнтів компанії, що має бізнес у 13 країнах – від Казахстану і РФ до США, заблоковані. Видання Forbes опублікувало матеріал про те, що бу?

Accounting Trends To Expect In 2023: Cloud Computing, Automation, And More

Keeping up with the most recent accounting trends, along with accounting and finance certifications can help one succeed in the sector well.

Hong Kong to explore legalizing crypto for retail investors

Hong Kong is "back in business" and exploring whether to legalize crypto trading by retail investors, the city's finance chief announced Monday, kicking off a week of conferences aimed at resuscitating the Chinese hub's image.

Workday: Life Inside an HR and Finance Cloud | TechRepublic

The firm’s CSO used the Workday Rising Europe event in Stockholm to talk about the art of coalescence and where its platform is going next.

A DEX Aggregator To Bridge DeFi and CeFi | HackerNoon

Arken Finance is exploring avenues to solve the problems with decentralized exchanges by bridging the CeFi and DeFi user experiences

Bankless - Metaversal | HackerNoon

It’s time to break up with your bank and join the movement for sovereign finance.

Fintechs and the Stock-Based Loan Market | HackerNoon

Today, companies that use stock-based lending to finance their businesses generally borrow at higher costs than if they used traditional debt financing.

Can CeDeFi Offer the Best of Both Worlds? | HackerNoon

By now, if you haven't heard about DeFi (decentralized finance), it might be that you've been living under a rock of some kind.

My Top 7 WTF Learnings from the FTX/SBF Chapter 11 Filing | HackerNoon

Feature Image: ‘centralization or decentralization of finance, white boy’, midjourney AI

Positive Sum DeFi: Shifting the Paradigm of Finance and Beyond | HackerNoon

A short guide to zero sum and positive sum mechanics in DeFi and how they matter to users.

White Boy | HackerNoon

A two-part essay covering how SBF bamboozled everyone into thinking he was a crypto wunderkind and the future of the Western-led finance establishment

6 Social Advertising Tips For Finance Brands

Rise above strict regulatory compliances and let your financial brand shine on social media. Here are our top 6 tips to keep in mind.

Kirthana Devaser | HackerNoon

An Economics & Finance graduate from Singapore, Kirthana Devaser is an experienced writer and speaker in the Web3 space.

What is Decentralized Finance (DeFi)? - Definition from Techopedia

This definition explains the meaning of Decentralized Finance and why it matters.

6 Best Free Online Courses to Learn Python and Boost Your Career - KDnuggets

The demand for Data Scientists who are proficient in Python is at an all time high.  Python has helped people boost their careers in finance, consulting, research, software tech, and robotics. Explore 6 courses designed to help you learn Python.