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Immortals Fenyx Rising и Midnight Fight Express — подборка Xbox Game Pass на вторую половину августа - Shazoo

Microsoft опубликовала свежую подборку игр, которые пополнят каталог подписочного сервиса Xbox Game Pass для PC и консолей до конца августа. Слух о Immortals Fenyx Rising подтвердился — экшен от Ubisoft...


Python: Accept an even number from the user and create a combinations that express the given number as a sum of two prime numbers - w3resource

Python Exercises, Practice and Solution: Write a Python program that accept an even number (>=4, Goldbach number) from the user and create a combinations that express the given number as a sum of two prime numbers. Print the number of combinations.

C++ : Combinations that express n as a sum of two prime

C++ Exercises, Practice and Solution: An even number of 4 or more can be represented by the sum of two prime numbers. This is called Goldbach expectation, and it is confirmed that it is correct up to a considerably large number by computer calculation. For example, 10 can be expressed as the sum of two prime numbers 7 + 3, 5 + 5. Write a C++ program that accept an integer (n) from the user and outputs the number of combinations that express n as a sum of two prime numbers.

Розробники з України створили унікальний підводний човен, озброєний торпедами та з функцією "безпілотника": фото | dev.ua

Заснована українцями та зареєстрована в Дубаї компанія Highland Systems створила новий електричний самозарядний підводний човен під назвою «Кронос», пише DEFENSE EXPRESS. Це гібридне судно, що має унікальну конструкцію корпусу з використанням технологій «стелс», яка дозволяє значно зниз?

A Step-By-Step Guide to Unit Testing for Express API | HackerNoon

A detailed step-by-step guide to writing unit tests for your node express API using mocha, chai, sinon, supertest, rewire, and nyc.

HP FX900 PCIe 4.0 M.2 SSD Review | PCMag

The HP FX900 isn't the fastest PCI Express 4.0 solid-state drive on the block, but this M.2 model puts up solid (and, in some cases, excellent) numbers at a surprisingly moderate price.

Google Shopping Express Launches In San Francisco Peninsula, Debuts New Apps – TechCrunch

After previously dogfooding and then beta testing its same-day Amazon Prime and eBay Now competitor Google Shopping Express, Google says that today the service is launching to all those in its initial target markets in San Francisco and the wider Bay Area, from San Francisco to the Peninsula. As TechCrunch previously reported, Google Shopping Express allows consumers […]

Messaging App Wordeo Blends Text With Getty Stock Footage To Take Video Messaging More Mainstream – TechCrunch

Thought there were enough ways to express your feelings in pixels already? Think again. A new video messaging app called Wordeo is landing on the iOS App Store today that lets you illustrate the content of a text message with a series of related video clips.

The iPhone 6 Plus Gets A One-Handed Keyboard App, And It’s Glorious – TechCrunch

While I came around to the iPhone 6 Plus and its unique allure, as told in a post from a couple of days ago, Apple’s big smartphone still isn’t the easiest to use when typing one-handed. Specifically, it’s tricky to get to the requisite punctuation needed to properly express oneself. A new app, helpfully called […]

Biz Stone’s Jelly Launches Super So You Can Express Your Best, Craziest, Sexiest Opinions – TechCrunch

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone’s Q&A app Jelly didn’t quite blow up, so today he’s launching a much weirder app called Super where you can share colorful statements, opinions and recommendations. It’s a lot like the private beta version of Super I stumbled into and profiled in September, but now everyone on iOS and Android can start […]

LawnStarter Raises $6M To Become Your “Lawn Care Concierge” – TechCrunch

Lawn care startup LawnStarter is announcing that it has raised $6 million in Series A funding. The company describes itself as "your personal lawn care concierge" — the idea, said co-founder Steven Corcoran, is to express LawnStarter's "focus on customer experience." Similar to the way that startups like Handy and Homejoy (soon to be one and the same?) have brought home cleaning reservations online, LawnStarter allows you to book appointments with gardening pros via the web or mobile app, and rate those

Vine’s new Soundboard is the audio meme recycler you always wanted – TechCrunch

Vine has a new feature for iOS app users called Soundboard, which lets users incorporate viral sounds within their own Vines, including Vine-sourced classics like ‘why you always lyin’ – it’s basically an express remix feature for trying to give your own content some reflected glow from memes that already made it big. The Soundboard […]

DHL нарешті йде з російського ринку

DHL Express припинить доставку вантажів та документів у росії. Серед причин — технічні складнощі та законодавчі обмеження.

How Facebook Messenger evolved into a chat camera – TechCrunch

A picture is worth a thousand words... that no one wants to type on a tiny screen. And even if you did mash in all that text, it'd still lose the subtleties of sarcasm or sincerity. To express the full range of emotion, messaging apps must put us face-to-face despite our distance.

Uber ‘Express POOL’ offers the cheapest fare if you’ll walk a little – TechCrunch

Uber's found a way to shave another 25 percent or so off the price of a ride. Uber Express POOL asks you to walk up to a few blocks to your pickup and destination before and after the ride in exchange for the cheapest fare out of all of Uber's options.

Эксперт назвал ракеты, перехват которых представляет наибольшую сложность - ProstoMob

Кремль продолжает ракетный террор, развязанный против населения Украины. Ракеты российского производства по-прежнему летят в наши города. По словам Олега Каткова, возглавляющего интернет-издание Defence Express, самой сложной целью для систем ПВО является ракета «Искандер-М». Подроб?

ВСУ нашли новый способ использования HIMARS - ProstoMob

Руководство Пентагона удивил способ использования ракетных систем HIMARS в Украине. Об этом стало известно от главреда Defense Express Олега Каткова. Подробности Военный эксперт отметил, что комплекс HIMARS изначально проектировался инженерами Lockheed Martin в качестве средства поражения страт

Compute Express Link 3.0 (CXL) specifications released, up to 64GT/s link rate - AMD, Intel, NVIDIA & Other Onboard

The CXL Consortium, dedicated to advance the Compute Express Link (CXL) technology & has released the latest CXL 3.0 specification.

«Укрзалізниця» расширяет Kyiv City Express — назначает дополнительные электрички, соединяющие Киев и Нежин в Черниговской области - ITC.ua

«Укрзалізниця» сообщила об очередном расширении сети пригородного железнодорожного сообщения Kyiv City Express — национальный перевозчик назначил курсирование

Shopify Lays Off 10% Of Workforce

Shopify CEO announces layoffs of 10% of workforce. Employees express shock and surprise

Boosting memory performance with strong ion bombardment

Recently, researchers have developed new technology that dramatically improves the performance of flash memory by a strong ion bombardment process. This memory platform can reliably express multiple data in a single device, ...

Kodiak Robotics pilots autonomous trucking between California, Texas and Florida – TechCrunch

Autonomous trucking startup Kodiak Robotics recently completed a coast-to-coast commercial run between Texas, California and Florida for 10 Roads Express, a USPS mail carrier, according to Kodiak. The pilot marks the first time Kodiak has run an autonomous freight service to Florida. The freight run included four commercial deliveries on a 5,600 mile round-trip that […]

Как проходил захват движений для драк из Midnight Fight Express - Shazoo

Канал PlayStation опубликовал видео, посвящённое захвату движений для браулера Midnight Fight Express. Основной акцент в ролике поставлен на экшен-сцены, которые для этой игры особенно важны. Можно полюбоваться на постановку драк...

Mars Satellite Captures Breathtaking View of Deepest Canyon in Entire Solar System

New imagery of the largest canyon in the solar system was captured on the Red Planet by the ESA and the Mars Express mission.

OkSo - Draw to Explain, Draw to Grasp | HackerNoon

The OkSo is a drawing app to express, grasp, and organize your thoughts and ideas. Draw to explain. Draw to grasp.