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Introducing The Streaming Datalake - insideBIGDATA

In this contributed article, Tom Scott, CEO of Streambased, outlines the path event streaming systems have taken to arrive at the point where they must adopt analytical use cases and looks at some possible futures in this area.

How to Turn an IT System Into an External Product | Network World

Scenario: Selling the USTA's Event Management System

Acer plans to unveil multiple tablets on Nov. 23 in New York | Network World

Acer plans to launch "multiple" tablet devices at an event in New York on Nov. 23, with different OSes and multiple form factors, the company's CEO said Friday.

Apple TV, ‘Ping’ and iTunes — what it means | Network World

There were a lot of rumors and expectations ahead of Apple's much-hyped music event yesterday. As expected, Apple unveiled a new touch-based iPod Nano, and an iPod Touch sporting the company's A4 processor, its super-high-resolution Retina display, and front and rear cameras offering HD video recording and video chat via FaceTime. There was also a new iPod Shuffle, which thankfully returns to the previous iteration's design with on-device buttons and a clip to make it wearable.

SAP preps ‘huge’ BI upgrade | Network World

SAP is gearing up to launch Business Objects 4.0, its biggest BI (business intelligence) release in roughly three years, later this month at an event in New York.

Mobile heavyweights seek to finalize 1Gbps mobile standard | Network World

The world's top handset makers are meeting this week to finalize a version of an advanced mobile communication standard that would raise data transfer speeds to 1Gbps, an event organizer said on Monday.

Apple refreshes iPod line-up, cuts prices, retools iTunes | Network World

Apple CEO Steve Jobs today took the stage at a company event for the first time in almost a year to introduce new iPhone software, a revamped iTunes, reduced iPod Touch prices and a video camera slipped into the iPod Nano.

Happy SysAdmin Day. Are you feeling thankful? | Network World

Today is the perfect day to show your appreciation for the unsung heroes who keep corporate desktops, servers and networks running. It's System Administrator Appreciation Day, an annual event thought up by IT pro Ted Kekatos.

Are Canadians afraid to take risks? | Network World

Canada's ranking as 13th on the global innovation list was addressed at the recent IBM Science & Innovation Summit, a two-day event at the IBM Toronto Labwhere researchers and business executives gathered to discuss the state of innovation and R&D in Canada.

Bing was tipping point in Microsoft-Yahoo deal | Network World

The successful launch of Microsoft's revamped search engine, Bing, was likely the event that tipped the scales in favor of Yahoo agreeing to a search deal, analysts said.

Microsoft: No native code for Windows Phone 7 | Network World

Microsoft officials Monday confirmed at the company's MIX 10 developers event in Las Vegas that native applications will not be allowed on Windows Phone 7 devices. Only applications running in the Silverlight runtime environment or games in the XNA Game Studio runtime will be allowed.

Steve Jobs returns, kicks off Apple event | Network World

Apple CEO Steve Jobs took the stage at his company's iPod event today, the first time he has appeared in public since October 2008.

Microsoft unveils touch-oriented Windows 8 | Network World

Microsoft showed Thursday the next version of its Windows OS at a press event in Taipei, unveiling a completely new tile-based interface that it hopes will be better suited for the emerging world of tablet PCs.

CA unveils Compliance Manager for z/OS for mainframe policy control | Network World

CA Wednesday unveiled Compliance Manager for z/OS, its first compliance-management software for real-time security-event monitoring for the IBM z/OS environment and sub-systems.

Operators get creative due to spectrum crunch | Network World

The spectrum shortage is forcing mobile operators to experiment more with pricing models, new technologies and partnerships, executives speaking at the Mobile Future Forward event in Seattle said Wednesday.

Weekend startup blends gaming, ads, education | Network World

An idea that formed in entrepreneur Tony Young Lyu's head while he was waiting in line at the Startup Weekend event last weekend could make online display advertising more effective and make people smarter at the same time.

DEMO Fall 2010: 4 Cool Mobile Startups with an iPhone Twist | Network World

Mobile startups came to Silicon Valley to parade their iPhone-related offerings at the DEMO Fall 2010 event earlier this week. Like vendors equipping miners during the California Gold Rush, many startups showcased services for mobile app and content developers.

Alibaba’s Jack Ma interested in buying Yahoo | Network World

Jack Ma, chairman and CEO of Alibaba Group, said on Friday at an event at Stanford University that he was interested in acquiring Yahoo, according to reports, making this the first public overture by the Chinese company which is about 40 percent owned by Yahoo.

Microsoft to ‘align’ Windows Phone, future Windows OSes | Network World

Microsoft, which on Monday held an event in New York to mark the U.S. launch of smartphones running its latest Windows Phone 7.5 OS, said it is taking steps to "align" the smartphone OS with its future tablet and PC OSes.

Taiwanese company launches TD-SCDMA trial network | Network World

Taiwanese 3G mobile operator Vibo Telecom launched a trial TD-SCDMA network on Tuesday, an event timed to coincide with a Chinese official's visit to Taiwan to discuss how Taiwan and China can work more closely on developing technology standards.

Cisco showcases big bets on collaboration | Network World

Unveiling 61 new products and features for enterprise employees to communicate with each other and partners, Cisco Systems executives emphasized the importance of collaboration at an event in San Francisco on Monday.

IPhone gets slow start at China sales launch | Network World

The iPhone appeared to get a slow start in China on Friday night as China Unicom and Apple held a launch event largely free of the buzz and long buyer lines that have accompanied launches of the handset elsewhere.

Free tool collects logs, manages security and compliance | Network World

QI Labs develops a free version of its enterprise log and compliance management appliance to help potential customers get started collecting security event information and monitoring appropriate network systems.

New IBM CEO in middle of Masters golf controversy | Network World

Two long-standing traditions at Augusta National Golf Club are on a collision course just a week before the institution's biggest event of the year. The host of the Masters, one of professional golf's most prestigious competitions, has never admitted a female member -- but the club's partnership with IBM has historically meant that the CEO of that company is offered one of the iconic green membership jackets.

Apple WWDC sells out in under 12 hours, iPhone 5 or not | Network World

And you thought the iPad 2 was selling out fast? Apple, which opened registration Monday for its annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC 2011)  in San Francisco, sold out the event in less than 12 hours.