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It is an app based program which helps to quit smoking easily. With more than 600K downloads and 4.7 star rating QuitSure has a success rate of 95% based on the app reviews. It is a 6 day program which costs only $20.


Ad-Supported Disney+ Tier Is Here for $7.99 Per Month | PCMag

The new tier doesn't skimp on content, but it lacks support for GroupWatch, SharePlay, and downloads. For that, you'll need the ad-free Premium plan, which now costs $10.99.

Tracking Affiliate Sign Ups Through App : iOSProgramming - World Tech News

Hello, I’m looking for an answer for inner monitoring & attributing referral / affiliate signal ups in our software. To put out how I am hoping for it to work: UserA publicizes their affiliate hyperlink UserB clicks this hyperlink (UserB would not have the app put in) UserB downloads & installs the app (from the […]

Discovery+ brings the offline download feature to the US • TechCrunch

Discovery+ is finally launching offline downloads feature for US-based users, who subscribe to the ad-free plan.

Как сделать смартфон Android аудиоколонкой для компьютера с Windows, Mac или Linux - TechToday

Если динамик компьютера или ноутбука или внешняя аудиосистема перестает работать, и нет времени для устранения неисправностей, поможет ваш смартфон. Телефон Android можно использовать в качестве внешнего динамика для компьютера. AudioRelay (https://audiorelay.net/downloads) — приложение для потоков?

Despite ban, Twitter downloads surge in China amid COVID protests • TechCrunch

Twitter saw a surge in downloads in China as protests against the country’s stringent COVID restrictions erupted nationwide over the last few days. The social media app ranked 9th amongst free iOS apps in China on November 29, up from 150th a week ago, according to app analytics firm SensorTower. Discussion about the protests, a […]

What to Expect From Google Play

March marked the rollout of the Google Play service, which brings together Google's Apps Marketplace, movie and video offerings, music downloads and e-book lineup. To the casual observer, it seems like a tall order to offer ...

Are Insecure Downloads Infiltrating Your Chrome Browser?

The Chrome browser is generally accepted as a very secure way to access the internet. But secure doesn't mean free from threats like insecure downloads.

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Managing Xcode Downloads • furbo.org - World Tech News

Starting with Xcode 14, the Simulators for watchOS and tvOS can be found as separate downloads (iOS and macOS are nonetheless “built-in”). This reduces the app obtain dimension considerably, however it additionally signifies that you now need to handle these giant (3-4 GB) elements your self. While you launch Xcode 14 the primary time, you’re […]

After 40 million app downloads, PhotoRoom raises $19 million • TechCrunch

French startup PhotoRoom has raised a $19 million Series A funding round. The company develops a popular photo editing app for e-commerce vendors and small businesses. In particular, it helps you remove the background behind objects you are about to sell so that your photos look more professional. Balderton Capital is leading the Series A […]

Mastodon's microblogging app saw a record number of downloads after Musk's Twitter takeover • TechCrunch

Mastodon's growth isn't the only sign that some Twitter users are abandoning the platform.

Decentralized social network Mastodon grows to 655K users in wake of Elon Musk's Twitter takeover • TechCrunch

Open source, decentralized social network Mastodon has been benefiting from the chaotic Twitter takeover by Elon Musk.

Potential Steam feature would be a godsend for users with data caps or slow internet - World Tech News

On Thursday, SteamDB creator and common dataminer Pavel Djundik tweeted (opens in new tab) a brand new discovery in Steam’s code: a “peer content material” shopper/server mode. His takeaway, quickly confirmed by different programmers, was that “Valve is seemingly engaged on peer-to-peer Steam downloads on LAN.” Peer-to-peer downloads might make you consider file-sharing software program […]

Gambling with Google – Where does the Tech Giant Stand on Real Money Gambling via Android? – Phandroid

Google’s historically strictly anti stance on apps that facilitate real money gambling has taken a turn in recent years. Players using online casinos in the past decade may recall that app versions of the sites were never available directly from the Play Store. Instead, gambling providers had to develop their own native apps to be sideloaded directly from the casino site. This required users to make settings changes to allow unknown apps, and it is likely that many potential downloads were lost as player

Netflix ad-supported plan launches next month for $7, blocks downloads

Netflix will launch an ad-supported plan in November. It will cost $6.99 monthly and stop users from downloading content for offline viewing.

Next.js and File Downloads: Three Ways to Restrict Access to a File | HackerNoon

Let's see exactly how we can protect files in next.js and allow certain users only to download them. Click to read the article...

Daily Crunch: Blocking VLC player downloads violates Indian law, claims VideoLAN in legal challenge • TechCrunch

Hello, friends, and welcome to Daily Crunch, bringing you the most important startup, tech and venture capital news in a single package.

Get your own Downloads Folder in the Cloud for $39 | TechRepublic

The TransferCloud service is a lifesaver when your hard drive is full. You can send any file straight to your cloud storage account.

4 new useful LinkedIn Ads features

The new features seem to make ad creation, lead downloads, and finding new audiences much simpler for B2B advertisers.

'Protestware' is on the rise, with programmers self-sabotaging their own code. Should we be worried?

In March 2022, the author of node-ipc, a software library with over a million weekly downloads, deliberately broke their code. If the code discovers it is running within Russia or Belarus, it attempts to replace the contents ...

Tools & Downloads – Google Research

We make tools and datasets available to the broader research community with the goal of building a more collaborative ecosystem.

Domain sharding - MDN Web Docs Glossary: Definitions of Web-related terms | MDN

Browsers limit the number of active connections for each domain. To enable concurrent downloads of assets exceeding that limit, domain sharding splits content across multiple subdomains. When multiple domains are used to serve multiple assets, browsers are able to download more resources simultaneously, resulting in a faster page load time and improved user experience.

App Store downloads are going to cost more in some countries from October 5 | iMore

Apple is increasing the App Store pricing tiers in some countries due to the current US dollar exchange rates.