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Walmart is reportedly looking at deals with streaming services – TechCrunch

Walmart’s membership program Walmart+ may bundle with a streaming service. The report comes from the New York Times and sparks conversation about the strange idea of the retail giant entering the streaming world. Sources told the outlet that Walmart was in talks with major media companies such as Paramount (Paramount+), Disney (Disney+, ESPN+, Hulu), and […]

AT&T Back-to-School Sale: Save on Apple Watch, iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, More | PCMag

Check out these A+ deals on smartphones and accessories during the AT&T back-to-school sale.

EXCITRUS NitroCharge 120 Pro fast-charging, MagSafe-compatible power bank is now available at a 28% discount - NotebookCheck.net News

EXCITRUS' latest deals include one for its NitroCharge 120 Pro, a power bank rated for up to 120W of power output thanks to its support for USB-PD at up to 100W and MagSafe wireless charging. Therefore, the OEM claims the gadget can charge a MacBook Pro to 50% in 1 hour, and can also power an 12- or 13-series iPhone on its lid.

GMR, TMR and BMR - ScienceDirect

This chapter deals with novel magnetotransport phenomena, which appear when magnet sizes become nanoscale. Typical examples of such phenomena are gian…

Case Studies - ScienceDirect

Three case studies illustrate key issues developed in this book. The first one deals with the design and simulation of a process for the thermal hydro…

Alkylation and Related Reactions I - ScienceDirect

This chapter deals initially with the alkylation and related reactions of carbanions based on allyl/benzyl systems, oxazolines, and formamidines. This…

The Math of DSP - ScienceDirect

Digital signal processing (DSP) deals with the way numbers are processed. Most texts on DSP add an appendix or two to review complex numbers. This is …

Consistency - ScienceDirect

This chapter deals with the consistency, which is the capability of a pervasive information architecture to serve the contexts it is designed for (int…

Stochastic Magnetization Dynamics - ScienceDirect

This chapter deals with the extensive study of randomly perturbed magnetization dynamics. Random perturbations are caused by thermal fluctuations whic…

Spin-Transfer-Driven Magnetization Dynamics - ScienceDirect

This chapter deals with the analytical study of dynamics driven by the joint action of applied magnetic fields and spin-polarized current injection. M…

Spin-Waves and Parametric Instabilities - ScienceDirect

This chapter deals with spin-waves and parametric instabilities for large magnetization motions. The analytical expression for large magnetization mot…

Magnetization Dynamics under Time-Harmonic Excitation - ScienceDirect

This chapter deals with the analytical study of magnetization dynamics under direct current (dc) bias and radio frequency (rf) applied magnetic fields…

Dissipative Magnetization Dynamics - ScienceDirect

This chapter deals with dissipative magnetization dynamics, which has two distinct time scales: the fast time scale of the precessional dynamics and t…

Spatially Uniform Magnetization Dynamics - ScienceDirect

This chapter deals with spatially uniform magnetization dynamics, which is mathematically described by the Landau–Lifshitz–Gilbert (LLG) or Landau–Lif…

Basic Equations for Magnetization Dynamics - ScienceDirect

This chapter deals with the origin of the Landau–Lifshitz (LL) equation, which is a dynamic constitutive relation that is compatible with micromagneti…

Separate-type Pt-free photofuel cell based on a visible light-responsive TiO2 photoanode: Effect of hydrofluoric acid treatment of the photoanode - ScienceDirect

The present study deals with the effect of a hydrofluoric acid (HF) treatment of visible light-responsive TiO2 (Vis-TiO2) thin film photocatalysts on …

Acyclic molecules 1: Conformation and symmetry - ScienceDirect

This chapter deals with the conformation of acyclic molecules and their symmetry properties. The chapter begins with three-dimensional representation …

Introduction of Fractals: Application to Gravity and Magnetic Data - ScienceDirect

The classical geometry deals with objects of integer dimensions. Zero-dimensional points; one-dimensional lines; two-dimensional planes, like squares;…

BiteHunter Raises $800K For Real-Time Dining Deals – TechCrunch

BiteHunter, the new mobile app for finding nearby dining deals, has just completed a $800,000 funding round. The round was led by angel investors Avraham Kadar, M.D. and Eyal Chomsky. The funding will be used to provide additional resources for the development of new features, an expansion to other platforms, and ongoing maintenance of BiteHunter's deals database.

Mobile Dining Apps LocalEats & BiteHunter Announce Partnership – TechCrunch

Mobile dining apps for foodies on the go, LocalEats and BiteHunter, are today announcing a new content-sharing partnership. Starting now, LocalEats' users looking for a dining deal will see information from BiteHunter's deals database, while BiteHunter's users will see a restaurant synopsis provided by LocalEats. Since both apps are operating in the same space, but are not direct competitors, this type of partnership makes sense. Maybe more app developers should do the same?

DealBoard For iPhone Finds Offers You Like, So You Can Kill The Daily Deal Emails – TechCrunch

DealBoard, a recently launched iPhone app from Seattle and London-based nFluence Media, has just emerged as a new player in the crowded "daily deals" space. But this app isn't yet another Groupon clone, it's a daily deal aggregator. However, what makes dealBoard unique - and why the company has $3 million in funding - is how the app goes about aggregating those deals for you. Instead of just rounding up a list of all the deals in the area, dealBoard personalizes the experience based on your interests.

Groupon Hires Curtis Lee Away From Zynga To Become Its New VP Of Consumer Products – TechCrunch

Another executive departure at Zynga, and a big hire for Groupon: TechCrunch has learned -- and Groupon has just confirmed -- that Curtis Lee, who had been director of product management for Zynga, is joining Groupon as its new VP of consumer products, to oversee everything consumer-facing on the product side for the daily deals giant. This is a significant talent loss for Zynga, and comes on the heels of two other exec departures: ad chief Manny Anekal earlier this month, and lead designer Michael McCormi

Zoomingo’s New App Turns Spotting And Rating Deals Into A Game – TechCrunch

Shopping discovery service Zoomingo, which helps you find nearby sales using your mobile phone, is out with a new iPhone app that introduces a gamification element to its platform. Local shoppers are now being encouraged to share the unreported sales they spot in the wild as well as rate those spotted by others. By playing the new "Hot or Not" game within the app to rate deals, shoppers earn points while also training the service's branded "ZoomSense" recommendation engine to present more deals matching t

Beyond The Daily Deal: Groupon’s 170M Deals And 33M Users; Aims To Be ‘The OS For Local Commerce’ – TechCrunch

Groupon's CEO Andrew Mason today posted a letter to shareholders with some updated figures on how the company is doing, and a more specific outline of what Groupon plans to do to to move beyond daily deals: "To become the operating system for local commerce." The move is a significant one as Groupon attempts to shore up investor confidence amidst a series of accounting issues, and the fact that some believe interest in the basic service of daily deals is beginning to wane. It also underscores some of the

Google Ventures-Backed Location-Sharing Service EchoEcho Raises $750k From Bullpen, PROfounders – TechCrunch

EchoEcho is one of the more useful location-based applications on the market today. Instead of focusing on check-ins and deals, the application simply makes it easy for you to find out where your friends are and lets you set up a meeting with them. Last September, EchoEcho raised $750,000 from Google Ventures, UK-based venture firm PROfounders and Don Dodge. The company just told us that it has raised another $750,000. This round was led by Bullpen Capital with participation by PROfounders Capital. EchoEch