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Buying a car is one of the most expensive purchases in their life and it is often made again every couple of years. Used car deals are not safe. Professional criminals are scamming hundreds of millions of dollars each year. And consumers complain about car deals more than any other purchases (86% of consumers making […]

New Nintendo Switch OLED Mario Red Edition to be Announced by Nintendo, Leaker Claims

Nintendo is to announce a new Nintendo Switch OLED Mario Red Edition, renowned deals leaker 'billbil-kun' has claimed.

Larian's Publishing Director Comments on Weaker Subscription Deals; Says Best Way to Support is to Buy Games

Larian's Director of Publishing has taken to Twitter to comment on a recent article about weaker subscription deals hitting indie devs.

INSANE EcoFlow deals lets you stay prepared for hurricane season! - Phandroid

If you’d like to stay prepared to hurricane season, then check out these deals for EcoFlow’s range of power stations!

PS Plus September 2023 Games to Include Last Year's Saints Row Reboot, Known Leaker Claims

Known deals leaker 'Billbil-Kun' might have revealed part of the PS Plus September 2023 PS Plus Essential games lineup.

Back to school deals: Don't sleep on Microsoft's SECRET refurbished store for Surface PCs | Windows Central

If you’re looking for a new Surface PC this back to school season, you might want to consider buying one from Microsoft’s lesser known refurbished storefront, where it sells Surface PCs in like-new co

Big deals day | iMore

Big deals day

Get Off the MQL Hamster Wheel. Get On with Winning Deals. - TechTarget

Explore how to evolve your revenue engine past leads-based models and the mental barriers holding your organization back.

Another Amazon deals event is coming, so get ready for some big Apple discounts on these dates | iMore

The second Prime Day is coming, and it’s got a new name — Amazon Prime Big Deal Days. It will be a big deal — and will hopefully save us some money on Apple devices.

The state of global fintech | HackerNoon

Global fintech funding in the third quarter of 2017 dipped 25% compared to the previous quarter to a total of $4 billion raised by fintech companies backed by venture capital (VC) across 278 deals.

KOSPET Celebrates its 5th Anniversary with Great Deals on its Smartwatches! - Phandroid

We've put together a list of KOSPET's different smartwatches on offer, that each come with cool and useful features.

Amazon Big Deal Days in October: Here's what you should know | Windows Central

Amazon has more Prime Day-style deals coming in October. Here's what we know about Big Deal Days.

Shop by integrations: OpenAI | AppSumo

Explore deals on tools that integrate with OpenAI to connect your tech stack.

Browse software deals for your business. | AppSumo

Top software deals for entrepreneurs at incredible prices. Discover the latest productivity, marketing, and content tools for your business with no monthly fees.

Google Antitrust Trial Week 1: Feds Paint Picture Of Search Bully

Google confronted over search deals in first week of landmark antitrust trial.

Best iPad deals in 2023

Take advantage of the latest savings applied to Apple's iPad models, where you will find the iPad Air, iPad Pro, and more on sale

Best Apple Watch deals in 2023

Score great savings on some of the best Apple Watch models on the market, where you will find the Apple Watch Series 8 and more on sale

Last chance to score up to a $200 gift card by preordering the Galaxy Z Flip 5 or Z Fold 5

It's your last week to take advantage of these hot promotional preorder deals.

Pitch for CSS - The Startup Pitch

We allow users to buy all their groceries within their budget. You no longer have to browse through thousands of products trying to find the best deals or specials.

Samsung Galaxy F34 Indian pre-orders open with time-sensitive special offers - NotebookCheck.net News

Samsung has augmented the Galaxy F series of Android smartphones with a new, 120Hz sAMOLED display model. The F34 is backed to keep that screen on for an estimated 2 days straight thanks to a large 6,000mAh battery. With its up-to-24GHz SoC, these specs may already be getting increasingly familiar to its Indian audience - then again, its color options and pre-order deals are not.

I'm still tempted by the Z Fold5, Samsung's pre-order deals are so good | Windows Central

Samsung's latest batch of hardware features mostly boring updates, but I'm still considering an upgrade thanks to steep pre-order deals.

These discounted Dell XPS Desktops are perfect for Baldur's Gate 3 (or any PC game) | Windows Central

Dell's discounted XPS Desktops let you get a monstrous gaming PC at a more reasonable price. Here are some deals that will help you enjoy Baldur's Gate 3.

Shop by integrations: Stability.ai | AppSumo

Explore deals on tools that integrate with Stability.ai to connect your tech stack.

Shop by integrations: GPT 3.5-Turbo | AppSumo

Explore deals on tools that integrate with GPT 3.5-Turbo to connect your tech stack.