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UseSQL - Turn data into a single database | AppSumo

UseSQL enables you to turn your data into a database


AmzChart - Identify profitable products on Amazon | AppSumo

AmzChart is a BSR analysis tool with the largest Ecom intelligence database. It provides you with the analysis of potential winning products on Amazon and keywords to optimize your product listings. As well, you can get insights into the profitable niche market to target and scale your Amazon busine


Feedify Push Notifications | Discover products. Stay weird. - AppSumo

Out of your 100% visitors, how many percentage of visitors you can reach back ? With Feedify you can touch back your visitors, create a ever increasing database of your subscribers & increase your website sales. Feedify is a cloud-based push notifications solution for eCommerce, publishers & blogger


FindNiche - Find powerful dropshipping niches | AppSumo

FindNiche is a powerful dropshipping niches finder with the largest eCommerce intelligence database


Data Guardian | Discover products. Stay weird. - AppSumo

Security and privacy are two of the most important issues in today's world; leaving passwords on sticky notes around your computer simply will not cut it anymore. Data Guardian is a secure database application with up to 448-bits of Blowfish encryption - regardless of how sensitive your data is. Cre


Stackby Economy Annual | Discover products. Stay weird. - AppSumo

Build anything with Stackby - a no-code spreadsheet style collaborative database platform.


Tobu - Build your resume database easily | AppSumo

Resumes are expensive. Don't lose any resumes. Tobu provides the Easiest and Fastest Way to identify, extract and build your Own Internal Candidate Database. Tobu Email Resume Extractor. Use Tobu's AI tool to extract all the Resumes from your Email by just linking your Email to Tobu ( Gmail/ Outlook

Intel Core i5-13600HX: Raptor Lake mobility CPU shows up online with six performance and eight efficiency cores - NotebookCheck.net News

The Intel Core i5-13600HX has shown up on the BAPCo Crossmark database. It has six performance cores and eight efficiency cores, for a total of 14 cores and 20 threads. Key specs such as its base/boost clocks are unknown, but the HX name tag suggests that its TDP could be around 55 Watts.


Applications of DistSQL: Build a Dynamic Distributed Database | HackerNoon

Taking data sharding as an example, we illustrate DistSQL's application scenarios to create a distributed database.

Immutable Database Open Source (immudb) Gains Widespread

Today, Codenotary revealed that both large and small businesses as well as cloud service providers have adopted immudb


How to Web Scrape Using Python, Snscrape & HarperDB | HackerNoon

Learn how to execute web scraping on Twitter using the snsscrape Python library and store scraped data automatically in database by using HarperDB.

How to use Airtable as a project management tool | TechRepublic

Jack Wallen shows you how easy it is to build a project management tool using the popular Airtable database service.


Jorge Torres | HackerNoon

Co-founder & CEO of MindsDB, the leader in in-database machine learning

AMD EPYC 9000 Genoa 96 Core & 32 Core CPUs Show Up In Benchmarks, Strong Single-Threaded Gain Despite ES Clocks

AMD's next-generation EPYC 9000 "Genoa" CPUs with 96 and 32 cores have shown up within the Geekbench 5 benchmark database.

Divjoy - Generate UIs and build React projects | AppSumo

Divjoy gives you a React codebase with everything you need for your next project, including landing page, auth, database, payments, and more

How to Optimize Database Efficiency in Kubernetes  – The New Stack

A look at the the trade-off between optimizing for database performance and resource use in a Kubernetes cluster.

CloudKit Console Database Section Not Working : iOSProgramming - World Tech News

Since few days the database part on Cloudkit Console shouldn’t be loading for me. Right here is the question on developer discussion board. Discovered this error upon inspecting the community console: TypeError: Can not learn properties of undefined (studying 'permissions') Uncaught error: TypeError: Can not learn properties of undefined (studying 'permissions') Reveals this on browser: […]

How to deploy the Adminer database admin tool on Ubuntu Server 22.04 | TechRepublic

If you're looking for a simple-to-use web-based GUI for administering your relational and NoSQL databases, Jack Wallen may have what you're looking for in Adminer.

Dropbase can help turn your messy spreadsheet into queryable SQL database – TechCrunch

A more recent feature in Dropbase is a new tool called Dropmail, which enables users to email a .csv file to turn it into a SQL database.

The Great Grafana Mimir and Cortex Split – The New Stack

With its March 2022 release of Mimir, Grafana Labs decided to forgo its support for Cortex and launch an alternative to visualize metrics from Prometheus on a time series database. Now Mimir and Cortex are very different animals as Grafana has differentiated Mimir as “the Grafana backend for metrics.”

Realizing Opportunity at the Edge with a Distributed Cloud Database

See how businesses can take advantage of data from edge devices through developing a solid edge computing strategy.

Tools for Time-Series Data Science Problems with InfluxDB – The New Stack

A look at how a time-series database works with some of the tools you can use to perform forecasting and anomaly detection.

A Detailed Analysis of NoSQL and NewSQL Databases for Bigdata Analytics and Distributed Computing - ScienceDirect

In the recent past, different database management systems are emerging and evolving fast in order to systematically and spontaneously tackle the growi…

Anthroponumbers.org: A quantitative database of human impacts on Planet Earth - ScienceDirect

The Human Impacts Database (www.anthroponumbers.org) is a curated, searchable resource housing quantitative data relating to the diverse anthropogenic…

Realtime Parking Info Provider Parking In Motion Lands Series A Funding – TechCrunch

Parking In Motion has raised an undisclosed amount of capital in a Series A financing round co-led by IDG Ventures and Fontinalis Partners, the investment firm co-founded by William Clay “Bill” Ford Jr., the great-grandson of Henry Ford (and Executive Chairman of Ford Motor Company). The additional capital will allow Parking In Motion to deliver its real-time parking database to automobile navigation systems, mobile phones, tablets and other data aggregators.