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Realizing Opportunity at the Edge with a Distributed Cloud Database

See how businesses can take advantage of data from edge devices through developing a solid edge computing strategy.

Tools for Time-Series Data Science Problems with InfluxDB – The New Stack

A look at how a time-series database works with some of the tools you can use to perform forecasting and anomaly detection.

Physically Based: a Database of PBR Values for Real-World Materials

The tool also provides properties of light sources and cameras.

A Detailed Analysis of NoSQL and NewSQL Databases for Bigdata Analytics and Distributed Computing - ScienceDirect

In the recent past, different database management systems are emerging and evolving fast in order to systematically and spontaneously tackle the growi…

Anthroponumbers.org: A quantitative database of human impacts on Planet Earth - ScienceDirect

The Human Impacts Database (www.anthroponumbers.org) is a curated, searchable resource housing quantitative data relating to the diverse anthropogenic…

Realtime Parking Info Provider Parking In Motion Lands Series A Funding – TechCrunch

Parking In Motion has raised an undisclosed amount of capital in a Series A financing round co-led by IDG Ventures and Fontinalis Partners, the investment firm co-founded by William Clay “Bill” Ford Jr., the great-grandson of Henry Ford (and Executive Chairman of Ford Motor Company). The additional capital will allow Parking In Motion to deliver its real-time parking database to automobile navigation systems, mobile phones, tablets and other data aggregators.

BiteHunter Raises $800K For Real-Time Dining Deals – TechCrunch

BiteHunter, the new mobile app for finding nearby dining deals, has just completed a $800,000 funding round. The round was led by angel investors Avraham Kadar, M.D. and Eyal Chomsky. The funding will be used to provide additional resources for the development of new features, an expansion to other platforms, and ongoing maintenance of BiteHunter's deals database.

Mobile Dining Apps LocalEats & BiteHunter Announce Partnership – TechCrunch

Mobile dining apps for foodies on the go, LocalEats and BiteHunter, are today announcing a new content-sharing partnership. Starting now, LocalEats' users looking for a dining deal will see information from BiteHunter's deals database, while BiteHunter's users will see a restaurant synopsis provided by LocalEats. Since both apps are operating in the same space, but are not direct competitors, this type of partnership makes sense. Maybe more app developers should do the same?

Three Free Healthcare Apps That Empower Patients – TechCrunch

The significant adoption of smartphones among physicians has not only led to an explosion of medical apps aimed at healthcare providers, but it has also cultivated an emerging trend of health and wellness apps aimed at empowering patients. While great innovation is happening in the health and wellness mobile ecosystem, it’s difficult for patients and physicians to navigate through the large database of apps to find ones they can actually use. My experience reviewing health and medical apps as a writer,

Carvoyant Tells You What The #@!!% Check Engine Light Means (And Where To Get It Fixed) – TechCrunch

Carvoyant is a new service that aims to maintain your car's "health records" in the cloud, while also keeping track of when you need repairs, where you should go, and what that blasted "check engine" light means, already! To build the database containing your car's health and service history, the company uses data gathered from a transmitter you plug into the car itself, as well as from the records and receipts which you send in for digitization. While the idea of a gadget you plug into the car to keep tr

MyFitnessPal Adds UCSF Campus Food To Its Database As “Corporate Wellness” Partner – TechCrunch

Exercise and nutrition tracking service, MyFitnessPal, has partnered with the Bay Area's second largest employer, the University of California, San Francisco, for a healthy eating program aimed at positively influencing the lifestyle choices of its more than 25,000 employees, visitors, and patients. MyFitnessPal said it will be adding "much" of the food served on UCSF's campuses to its database.

Urban Compass, Still In Stealth Mode, Is Now Hiring ‘Neighborhood Specialists’ To Collect Data For Its Ambitious City Database Vision – TechCrunch

Urban Compass, the startup in stealth mode that raised an $8 million seed round from high-profile investors late in 2012, is slowly revealing more details about what it will be doing, and how it will be doing it, when it launches for business later this year -- most likely in April.

Home Inventory Updates Its Mac- And iPhone-Based Approach To Keeping Tabs On Your Worldly Possessions – TechCrunch

Binary Formations is a husband and wife software company that has been building Home Inventory, a Mac app that makes it easy to keep a database record of your house and its contents for insurance purposes, since 2005. The two were able to quit their full-time jobs in 2009 to pursue building software full-time, adding other titles. But Home Inventory, the one that started it all, is front and center once again with a major update with a completely reworked UI and features specific to the current generation

Shadow Is An App In The Making That Wants To Build A Database Of The World’s Dreams – TechCrunch

Shadow is an app for people to record their dreams. Currently seeking Kickstarter funding, it will incorporate an escalating alarm clock designed to wake sleepers gradually, to improve the ability to recall their dreams. Once awake, it will prompt them to record their dream story -- either by typing or speaking it. Shadow's ultimate vision is to build a real-time global dream database.

Snapchat Makes You “Find The Ghosts” To Keep Hackers From Stealing Your Phone Number [Update: But It Fails] – TechCrunch

Snapchat now verifies new users aren't robots by making them choose its ghost mascot in images. It's an attempt to keep out hackers who could steal phone numbers by exploiting a leaked database of details on 4.6 million accounts. A 16-year-old hacker proved he could do just that by finding the number of Snapchat CTO Bobby Murphy, but now he says Snapchat has patched the holes he harnessed.

FiftyThree Files Trademark For “Paper” – TechCrunch

Yesterday, as Facebook launched its news reader app Paper, design-focused startup FiftyThree called out Facebook publicly for using their brand name. Facebook declined to change the name of their brand new reader app. But FiftyThree has taken action to protect its brand name. FiftyThree's trademark application for the term "Paper", which was filed for on January 30 (the same day that Facebook announced Paper), surfaced today in the USPTO database.

Major U.K. Real-Time Train Database Opens Up To More Developers – TechCrunch

A long-standing pain-point for U.K. developers wanting to do cool things with real-time train data looks like it's going to ease up, thanks to changes in the terms of access and usage being announced today. From June 1, the U.K.'s National Rail Enquiries' Darwin database is switching to free for smaller developers to access and ditching its current licensing requirement.

Point The WineGlass App At A Wine Menu, See Reviews And How Much To Pay – TechCrunch

A wine menu is just a string of confusing French words to most people. But take a photo of one with WineGlass, and the app overlays reviews, tasting notes, and what you should expect to pay for each bottle on the menu. WineGlass could keep you from getting ripped off, find you vino you actually like, and make you a hit at dinner parties for just $5. Developed by a Roddy Lindsay, a six-year Facebook veteran and data scientist, WineGlass combines optical character recognition with top wine database CellarTra

Scholly, An App For Finding Scholarships, Partners With State And Federal Programs – TechCrunch

Scholly, the scholarship app best known for being featured on Shark Tank, recently announced multiple bulk purchases by both government and educational institutions. Scholly works like this: After signing up, a student inputs basic information like race, GPA, and gender. The program then searches its database of over 20,000 scholarships and displays the ones for which the student qualifies. My […]

Salesforce Inbox gains calendar from Tempo acquisition – TechCrunch

Salesforce’s efforts to turn its Inbox app into a central resource for salespeople has a new trick: An integrated calendar built from its acquisition of Tempo that pulls in contact data from your Salesforce database, giving you a way to quickly find out more about the people you’re meeting with. Only CRM data is pulled […]

Як встановити Adminer Database Administration Tool в Ubuntu 22.04

Adminer (раніше phpMinAdmin) - це повнофункціональний інструмент адміністрування баз даних, який підтримує як СУБД, такі як MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MS SQL та Oracle з NoSQL, такі як MongoDB та інші (через плагін). Це легкий, зручний та високопродуктивний інструмент управління базами даних, який можна легко ?

CYCLoPs Accuracy | Papers With Code

The WT2 dataset from the CYCLoPs database consists of 27,058 single-cell images of yeast cells. The task is to classify the subcellular localization of a fluoresced protein, given two channels staining for the protein of interest and the cytosol.

Как установить Adminer Database Administration Tool в Ubuntu 22.04

Adminer (ранее phpMinAdmin) — это полнофункциональный инструмент администрирования баз данных, который поддерживает как СУБД, такие как MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MS SQL и Oracle с NoSQL, такие как MongoDB и другие (через плагин) . Это легкий, удобный и высокопроизводительный инструмент управления базами да?

SD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Milvus - World Tech News

Milvus is an open-source vector database that’s able to managing giant portions of each structured and unstructured information to speed up the event of next-generation information material.  In line with Zilliz, the database firm that created the undertaking, Milvus is constructed for scalable similarity search utilized by enterprises spanning a number of industries. It additionally […]

How to Install Metasploit Framework in Ubuntu 22.04

Guide on how to install the Metasploit framework in Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, create, initialize and connect the database, and launch it in the command-line interface.