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Deep Learning Category - Page 94 of 94 - MarkTechPost

Deep learning is an advanced form of machine learning that uses neural networks to “learn” from large amounts data. These artificial brains are designed in the shape and function similar as our own human brain


Using a Relational Database to Query Unstructured Data | HackerNoon

Using Relational Database to search inside unstructured data

Musk's Lawyers Repeatedly Accused Twitter of Failure to Disclose Data in Failed Attempt to Back Out | HackerNoon

Twitter v. Elon Musk Court Filing is part of our Legal PDF series. Part 18 of 31: FACTUAL ALLEGATIONS -Musk grasps for an out - Defendants’ lawyer letters

How startups can lower their chance of a down round in a downturn • TechCrunch

Forge data provides a fascinating lens into how fast things changed and offers advice to startups when it comes to taking lumps in the fundraising market.

How Bindle Makes It Easy to Store and Distribute Cloud Native Apps - The New Stack

Bindle was originally planned as a way to store and share WebAssembly applications and binaries although it’s proving useful for other forms of package management.

4 ways to use e-commerce data to optimize LTV pre- and post-holiday • TechCrunch

How do you take one-and-done shoppers and turn them into loyal brand advocates? The answer lies within the trove of data that you collect.

An Introduction To Using R For SEO

Gain the ability to do predictive analysis and determine the relationship between historical data with this guide to using R for SEO.

Oura announces new sleep staging algorithm with increased accuracy - NotebookCheck.net News

A new sleep staging algorithm has been revealed by Oura. The latest technology, which will be available via the Oura Ring, uses movement, temperature, heart rate and HRV data collected by the wearable to monitor your sleep quality. The algorithm's output matches results from polysomnography by up to 79%.

A Practical Guide To Multi-touch Attribution

Help a user along every touchpoint of the customer journey by understanding multitouch attribution models and analyzing the data in GA4.

ClickHouse: как обрабатывать big data в 800 раз быстрее

Рассказываем о ClickHouse — инструменте, который позволяет в 800 раз быстрее оценивать big data в метрике сайтов.

Handling Data Integrity Issues Like a Pro | HackerNoon

What do you do if an API you reference sends 200 - OK but an error message? What do you do when a critical column is missing from your Excel upload? Read me.

Why AI needs a steady diet of synthetic data | VentureBeat

Experts say AI itself is starving — and needs to change its diet. One company says synthetic data is the answer. 

An algorithm for optimal decision making under heavy-tailed noisy rewards

In data science, researchers typically deal with data that contain noisy observations. An important problem explored by data scientists in this context is the problem of sequential decision making. This is commonly known ...

Client-private secure aggregation for privacy preserving federated learning - Amazon Science

Privacy-preserving federated learning (PPFL) is a paradigm of distributed privacy-preserving machine learning training in which a set of clients, each holding siloed training data, jointly compute a shared global model under the orchestration of an aggregation server. The system has the property…

Machine Learning Category - Page 147 of 147 - MarkTechPost

In the field of artificial intelligence, machine learning is a branch that uses data and algorithms to imitate human learning. It's an ongoing process in which computers can improve their accuracy over time through practice with large amounts or "data sets."

Data Breaches of 2022 and How They Could Have Been Prevented | HackerNoon

Despite our best efforts, cybersecurity continues to lag behind the creativity of cyber criminals. As we become more interconnected, the potential for a devastating data breach only grows. 

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