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Open Source Project To Detect Cyberattacks Faster And Effectively

An open source initiative to eliminate data silos that hinder security teams was announced by a consortium of technology and

KDnuggets News, August 10: Free AI for Beginners Course • Most In-demand Artificial Intelligence Skills To Learn In 2022 - KDnuggets

Free AI for Beginners Course • Most In-demand Artificial Intelligence Skills To Learn In 2022 • Getting Started with SQL Cheatsheet • 3 Free Statistics Courses for Data Science • The Complete Collection of Data Science Projects – Part 1

Latest AMD & Intel CPUs Including Zen 4 & Raptor Lake With VAES Instructions Susceptible To Data Damage on Windows, Patch Rolling Out But Will Reduce Performance

Microsoft has revealed a new bug within Windows 11 & Windows Server 2022 operating systems that affects the latest Intel & AMD CPUs.

Building a Ground station for LoRa Satellites | HackerNoon

The arrival of small satellites that used LoRa for telemetry data has meant that less technically qualified persons, with a very low budget, can receive it

Realizing Opportunity at the Edge with a Distributed Cloud Database

See how businesses can take advantage of data from edge devices through developing a solid edge computing strategy.

How to Use Data Grid to Render Great Info in Your Web Apps | HackerNoon

Using a data grid is important if your web application renders a lot of data, such as tracking stats or reports.

Facebook Gave Nebraska Police Data to Prosecute Teenager in Abortion Case | PCMag

The case underscores how authorities can subpoena tech companies for data to prosecute women seeking abortions.

How this founder is SaaS-ifying air-quality tracking – TechCrunch

Welcome back to Found where we get the stories behind the startups. This week, Darrell and Jordan talked with Davida Herzl the co-founder and CEO of Aclima We all have a right to clean air but chances are you aren’t getting accurate air quality data— Davida and the Aclima team is looking to change that. […]

Tracking venture capital data to pinpoint the next US startup hot spots – TechCrunch

Taking a look at an M25 dataset ranking Midwest U.S. cities across datapoints including startup activity, venture activity and business climate.

Aleksandra Boguslavskaya | HackerNoon

CEO & founder Data Science UA

Windows 11 Encryption Bug Can Cause 'Data Damage' for Latest CPUs | PCMag

Microsoft released patches for the bug, but they can result in a performance hit for certain AES-based encryption operations. It has since released two more fixes to correct that problem.

On-call cloud operations cost organizations an average of $2.5 million per year | TechRepublic

Ticketing data is key to gaining insight into on-call operations and uncovering opportunities to improve productivity, according to a new report from Dimensional Research and Shorline.io.

How to create a form in Airtable | TechRepublic

Forms are a great way to gather customer feedback and other data. Learn how to easily create a custom form in Airtable—no coding required.

Tools for Time-Series Data Science Problems with InfluxDB – The New Stack

A look at how a time-series database works with some of the tools you can use to perform forecasting and anomaly detection.

Metrics, logs, and lineage: 3 Key Elements of Data Observability | HackerNoon

Data observability is built on three core blocks: metrics, logs, and lineage. What are they, and what do they mean for your data quality program?

Privya helps companies protect data at code level before it goes into production – TechCrunch

As data privacy laws proliferate, it’s becoming increasingly important for companies to protect sensitive data in their applications. Privya was born with the idea that privacy protection should happen at the code level in development before the code goes into production. One of the founders, CEO Uzy Hadad, was working a company called VisualDNA, which […]

3 Free Statistics Courses for Data Science - KDnuggets

Statistics is one of the most in-demand data science skills. Master it for free with these online courses.

Розповідаємо як застосовують Big Data в банках. Спойлер: є відкриті вакансії

Задачі, які раніше виконувало 200 співробітників, тепер завдяки Big Data — можуть робити всього 10! Розбираємося, як великі данні застосовують у банках разом з Альфа-Банк Україна.

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