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New neuromorphic chip for AI on the edge, at a small fraction of the energy and size of today's computing platforms

An international team of researchers has designed and built a chip that runs computations directly in memory and can run a wide variety of AI applications–all at a fraction of the energy consumed by computing platforms ...


Yoshida Is Excited About Quantum Computing, Would Like to Make Another MMORPG

Square Enix's Naoki Yoshida expressed excitement about the application of quantum computing for gaming. He also wants to make another MMORPG.


Python Math: Computing square roots using the Babylonian method - w3resource

Python Exercises, Practice and Solution: Write a Python program to computing square roots using the Babylonian method.


Tips To Secure Your AWS Account | HackerNoon

It is no news that Cloud Computing technology has come to stay.


Sync Computing rakes in $15.5M to automatically optimize cloud resources – TechCrunch

Sync Computing, a company offering a service that automatically optimizes cloud resources, accounting for business objectives, has closed a fresh venture found.

Enterprise adoption of smartNICs faces challenges | Network World

100Gb+ will be standard for high-performance computing, AI, and cloud providers.


Back to School With Intel: Save on PCs, Chromebooks, CPU Bundles, More | PCMag

If you’ve been waiting for a wide-ranging sale on portable computing devices, here it is.

BOINC Portable 7.20.2 (distributed computing project) Released | PortableApps.com

A new version of BOINC Portable has been released. BOINC is a distributed computing project that lets you help cutting-edge science research using your computer. It's packaged as a portable app, so you can use it on the go or on a PC without admin rights and it's in PortableApps.com Format so it can easily integrate with the PortableApps.com Platform. And it's open source and

Caspar Hare, Georgia Perakis named associate deans of Social and Ethical Responsibilities of Computing | MIT News - World Tech News

Caspar Hare and Georgia Perakis have been appointed the brand new affiliate deans of the Social and Moral Obligations of Computing (SERC), a cross-cutting initiative within the MIT Stephen A. Schwarzman School of Computing. Their new roles will take impact on Sept. 1. “Infusing social and moral features of computing in tutorial analysis and schooling […]

Realizing Opportunity at the Edge with a Distributed Cloud Database

See how businesses can take advantage of data from edge devices through developing a solid edge computing strategy.

Promising beginnings for Australia's newest supercomputer

Australia's newest supercomputer, Setonix, has produced a highly detailed image of a supernova remnant immediately after the computing system's first stage was made available to researchers.

Editor preface - ScienceDirect

This chapter provides an overview of the book Grid Computing: The New Frontier of High Performance Computing that discusses the key technical issues a…

Pervasive and Mobile Computing | Journal | ScienceDirect.com by Elsevier

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Zero Trust networks, the concepts, the strategies, and the reality - ScienceDirect

For decades, firewalls have protected networks from attack by restricting and inspecting traffic at the network perimeter. With cloud computing and in…

A Taxonomy and Survey of Fault-Tolerant Workflow Management Systems in Cloud and Distributed Computing Environments - ScienceDirect

During the recent years, workflows have emerged as an important abstraction for collaborative research and managing complex large-scale distributed da…

KANTBP 3.1: A program for computing energy levels, reflection and transmission matrices, and corresponding wave functions in the coupled-channel and adiabatic approaches - ScienceDirect

A FORTRAN program for calculating energy values, reflection and transmission matrices, and corresponding wave functions in a coupled-channel approxima…

Optimizing the GPU based method calculating energy deposition of beams coupling with discrete materials in dynamical and thermal simulations for higher computing efficiency - ScienceDirect

In order to obtain more accurate energy deposition simulation results of beams coupling with discrete materials especially the granular materials in d…

A Detailed Analysis of NoSQL and NewSQL Databases for Bigdata Analytics and Distributed Computing - ScienceDirect

In the recent past, different database management systems are emerging and evolving fast in order to systematically and spontaneously tackle the growi…

Weyl-Heisenberg Systems and the Finite Zak Transform - ScienceDirect

Previously, a theoretical foundation for designing algorithms for computing Weyl-Heisenberg (W-H) coefficients at critical sampling was established by…

Time Series Analysis with R - ScienceDirect

A brief overview of the R statistical computing and programming environment is given that explains why many time series researchers in both applied an…

Information Synthesis in Multi-Granular Computing - ScienceDirect

Humans usually learn things starting from local fragments, and gradually integrating them to form a global picture. On viewing an object from differen…

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Big Data, Hadoop, and Cloud Computing - ScienceDirect

When the idea for this book was originally conceived, Big Data and Hadoop were not the most popular themes on the tech circuit, although cloud computi…

TimeEvolver: A program for time evolution with improved error bound - ScienceDirect

We present TimeEvolver, a program for computing time evolution in a generic quantum system. It relies on well-known Krylov subspace techniques to tack…