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Intel targets ‘true magicians’ with developer cloud launch

Intel unveils a new set of developer solutions for cloud development, mobile-PC connectivity and open programming.


The Hidden Pain of DIY On-Premises K8s-Based Software Distribution - The New Stack

Let’s explore the experience of companies trying to build their own software distribution tools to deliver apps in customer Kubernetes environments in the cloud.

Aiven Welcomes Kafkawize For Open Source Development

Kafkawize, an open source data governance tool for Apache Kafka®, has joined Aiven, the open source cloud data platform firm, it was

Red Hat Rolls Out OpenStack Platform 17

OpenStack, an open source Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud, is still seen by some as being obsolete. They are utterly mistaken


TestGrid is a “one-stop shop” for testing apps at scale • TechCrunch

Created by developer who needed to test apps at scale, TestGrid is an on-demand platform that lets users run tests on websites and apps across browsers, operating systems. The startup, which is launching today and can be used on premise or in the cloud, alleviates the hassle of finding and scaling physical and cloud infrastructure […]


Tutorial: Deploy Acorn Apps on an Amazon EKS Cluster - The New Stack

In the last and final part of the series on Acorn, we will explore how to move applications running in a local development environment to a production environment running in the AWS cloud


Брешь в облаке Oracle открыла путь к виртуальным дискам его пользователей | Channel4IT.com

Уязвимость в Oracle Cloud Infrastructure позволяла производить чтение и запись на виртуальных дисках, принадлежавших другим пользователям. Проблему устранили, но подобные вещи происходят нередко.

About a third of you cloud users need to learn resiliency lessons from Ian | Network World

While the Florida hurricane damage has your attention, plan for and implement redundant cloud and on-prem network infrastructure, and backup and recovery now.


Google shutting down cloud gaming service Stadia

Google on Thursday said it is shutting down Stadia, the cloud video game service it launched three years ago to let people access console-quality play as easily as they do email.


Comparing user input date in a form with a date which is stored in another form (and therefore its database) - Microsoft Access / VBA

Comparing user input date in a form with a date which is stored in another form (and therefore its database). Microsoft Access / VBA Forums on Bytes.

Intel CTO highlights open source and AI initiatives

In light of the company's emphasis on open source standards, AI reference kits, and its "Project Amber" cloud verification service, Intel


Razer, Verizon, and Qualcomm Create a New Cloud Handheld: The Razer Edge 5G

The Razer Edge 5G is a creation by Razer, Verizon, and Qualcomm made to offer a Steam Deck-like alternative that plays games from the cloud.

Challenged by Xbox Game Pass, Google Stadia's demise was inevitable | Windows Central

Google Stadia is dead, leaving the playing field wide open for Xbox Game Pass' cloud service.

Top 5 Cloud Computing Use Cases and Examples | TechRepublic

What are the benefits of cloud computing? From SaaS to NLP, we go beyond the acronyms to see how cloud computing can be used in real life.

Google Stadia is shutting down

Today, Google announced that it would discontinue and shut down its Stadia cloud gaming service on January 18.


Google promises Greece 20K jobs with cloud expansion

Google announced plans Thursday to expand its cloud services infrastructure to Greece, promising to create nearly 20,000 jobs through direct investment and partnerships by the end of the decade.


Razer анонсировала портативную консоль Edge 5G — еще одного конкурента Steam Deck - ITC.ua

Всего через неделю после того, как Logitech представила G CLOUD, Razer совместно с Verizon анонсировала портативную консоль Edge 5G на мероприятии Mobile

Razer Edge 5G handheld gaming console teased ahead of October 15 launch - NotebookCheck.net News

Razer will launch a handheld gaming console at RazerCon. The Razer Edge 5G is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon G3X SoC and supports haptic feedback on the trigger buttons.

EPOS GTW 270 earbuds review: A superior sound experience for PC and cloud gaming? | Windows Central

The EPOS GTW 270 are a unique option for earbuds fans who simply hate Bluetooth (although, Bluetooth remains an option here).

Intel's confidential computing solution for protecting cloud data is tested in healthcare | VentureBeat

Intel announces that Accenture and Leidos have begun testing its confidential computing solution, Project Amber, for healthcare use cases.

The Rise of Cloud Development and the End of Localhost - The New Stack

Developers are moving their entire workflow to the cloud, argues Shawn Wang. He claims we're just ten years away from the end of localhost.

Challenges and benefits of cloud migration | TechRepublic

When it comes to migrating to the cloud, Tomasz Wartalski, chief innovation officer at Conotoxia, offers some ideas on the advantages and how to overcome potential issues.

Save 20% on a Lifetime of Cloud Storage | PCMag

Get 1TB of Koofr cloud storage to secure your files.

Logitech G CLOUD Gaming Handheld - портативная консоль для облачного гейминга - hi-Tech.ua

Logitech G CLOUD Gaming Handheld разработали совместно с компанией Tencent Games. Установили модуль Wi-Fi, а вот слота для SIM-карты в ней нет. - hi-Tech.ua