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Tracegrow | EU-Startups

Tracegrow is a Finnish cleantech company operating in the circular economy. They are the only company in the world that has developed an innovative technology to extract, purify and reuse the vital trace elements Zinc and Manganese from alkaline batteries and circulate them safely back to the nature as the world’s most ecological Zinc andManganese-based […]

Kamupak | EU-Startups

We help organizations replace single-use takeaway packaging with reusables and make return and reuse effortless for consumers. We connect digital with circular economy. Our RePaaS solution makes it easy for restaurants, hotels, cafes, grocery stores etc. replace theri single-use take-away packaging. Kamupak RePaaS cosists of: – Reusable containers that are fit-to-purpose and can circulate hundreds […]

Helsinki-based Kamupak and Stockholm-based &Repeat merge to build a Nordic circular packaging leader | EU-Startups

Finnish Kamupak is merging with Swedish competitor, impact tech startup &Repeat, forming a Nordic market leader in circular packaging solutions. With

Rotterdam-based circular platform Valyuu raises €2.4 million to give a new life to the growing e-waste pile | EU-Startups

A year after its first investment round, circular platform Valyuu received a new financial injection of €2.4 million. With the investment round, led by

German contech Schüttflix bags €45 million to enable a fully circular economy for building materials | EU-Startups

Gütersloh-based Schüttflix announced that it has raised €45 million in a financing round led by the founders and existing investors and supplemented by a

Creating a circular progress indicator in Python with Tkinter

Learn how to build a circular progress indicator widget in Python using Tkinter with customizable colors and smooth animation.

Swachhcoin and Circular Economy | HackerNoon

The idea of the human race wasting and burning through all its natural resources and driving itself into a dystopian era is a much talked about concept and has received coverage in books, TV, movies and even serious political discussions.

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