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Frictionless Kills Facebook “Social” Article Readers Dead – TechCrunch

Nik Cubrilovic and his buddy Brian Kennish have created something I'll probably use every day. It's called Frictionless and it takes the middle-man out of news reading on Facebook. It's not quite ready for prime time, so I'll recommend caution when trying it, but it works a treat. You know those Washington Post and Yahoo News stories you see one Facebook? And you know how it asks you to install an "app" in order to read the link? Well, Frictionless hijacks that process in Chrome and sends you straight to t

How RockMelt Will Battle Chrome In 2012: Identity, Apps, Communication – TechCrunch

6 months after its public launch, the RockMelt social web browser now has 1.4 million registered users and several hundred thousand weekly active users, CEO Eric Vishria told me this morning. With Internet Explorer and Firefox on the decline, RockMelt's 2012 will be defined by competition with Chrome. Google's browser recently moved in the direction of RockMelt, adding login for personalization and an app store. To stay unique, Vishria says "I think we should push further ahead", building radical new featu

Opera Updates Its Desktop Browser, Adds Camera Support To Push The Native Web Experience – TechCrunch

Two weeks after pushing through an update for its most popular browser, Opera Mini for mobile devices, Opera is turning its attention to its desktop product, with the release of Opera 12 for Macs and PCs. Opera tells me its desktop browser is currently the second-biggest product in terms of monthly users, with 60 million, compared to 173 million for Opera Mini and 17 million for Opera Mobile. While that is pretty small compared to other desktop browsers like Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer, that numbe

With Wee A B See, Wee Society Launches A Lifestyle Brand, Not Just A Children’s App – TechCrunch

Wee Society, a new effort emerging from a small design and branding studio based in San Francisco, has just published its first app, a children's interactive book called Wee A B See. And it's the first of many products - not just apps - which this new company plans to produce. Now, you may not have heard of Office, as the studio is called, but you probably have come across their work. It's the team that brought you that new, simplified Google Chrome icon, for example, they also developed the Disney's Sto

Google launches a website version of its Read Along education app for children – TechCrunch

Google has launched a website for its Read Along app for encouraging young children to practice reading. The website, which is introduced as a public beta, works with Chrome, Firefox, and Edge browsers on Desktop and Android, with support for iOS and more browsers such as Safari coming soon. The concept of the website is […]

Facebook Preps Radically Visual Redesign Of The Mobile News Feed – TechCrunch

Today, Facebook's mobile apps look like its website shrunk down. Soon, that could change. I've seen first-hand the employee-only iOS app build of an evolved form of Facebook's mobile news feed, which ditches the empty blue and white chrome for full-screen photo tiles and overlaid text. Reminiscent of Flipboard, Google+ for iPad, and Microsoft Metro, the fresh design could make Facebook's feed exciting again.

Private Photo And Video Sharing Service For Families, Famil.io, Is Like A Dropbox For Memories – TechCrunch

Famil.io, a new service for privately sharing photos and videos with your family across web and mobile, is today officially launching to the public. The sharing platform can serve as a complement to Facebook, where most families network today, though in a more restrained fashion. Or for those family members who aren't even active on Facebook, Famil.io can, to some extent, serve as a replacement. The service works online, or as a web browser extension (initially for Chrome), and on iOS or Android. This cros

Apple Challenges Google Docs, MS Office With iWork For iCloud Coming To A Browser Near You – TechCrunch

Apple is taking some big steps up in its bid to challenge the likes of Google and Microsoft in cloud apps, and one of those involves a big upgrade to its iWork suite: Pages word processing, Numbers spreadsheet and Keynote presentation programs -- all previously native-only -- are now coming to iCloud to work across Safari 6.0.3 or later, Chrome 27.0.1 or later, and Internet Explorer 9.0.8 or later, on both Macs and PCs, the company announced today during its WWDC developer conference.

Before & After iOS 7: How Your Favorite Apps Are Changing – TechCrunch

Flat. With one word, Apple didn't just change its look on mobile, but mandated an industry-wide face-lift. With iOS 7's launch later today, chrome, navigation buttons, and textured title bars are getting replaced with more content, gesture-controlled navigation, and single-colored panels. Here's are some before and after look at the redesigns of the top iOS app launching today, plus our thoughts.

Google Is Working On A “Chromoting” App For iOS Users, Too – TechCrunch

A message spotted on Chromium.org, home to the open source browser project Google Chrome is based on, states that a “Chromoting” application is in development for iOS devices. This would allow users to control their computers from their iPhone or iPad, for example. An Android version of this same technology has been in development since […]

Google Launches Chrome Remote Desktop On Android, Allowing Mobile Access To Your PC – TechCrunch

Google this morning launched a mobile client application called "Chrome Remote Desktop app for Android" (whew!) which allows for remote access to your Mac or PC from your Android device, whether smartphone or tablet. The new app is an extension of Google's previously launched Chrome Remote Desktop screen-sharing service, which allows you to share your desktop's screen with other Chrome browser or Chromebook users.

Code School Brings Its Instructional Videos For Developers To iOS – TechCrunch

Code School, the online learning destination that grew out of founder Gregg Pollack's longtime efforts in creating and sharing technical content with a developer audience, has now made the leap to mobile. With the new iOS application, developers can watch Code School's over 300 instructional videos covering JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Ruby, iOS and Git as well as other popular developer tools, like Chrome Dev Tools, for example.

Evercontact Brings Its Automated Address Book Updater To The iPhone – TechCrunch

A company called Evercontact has just launched a new app that allows you to automatically update your iPhone’s address book with new contact information extracted from email signature lines. The service had previously been available for Gmail, Outlook, Chrome, plus CRM solutions from Salesforce, Highrise, Connectwise, Zoho and more. Disclosure: I’ve been a paying user […]

Product Hunt Brings Its Popular New Product Finder To Your Chrome Browser – TechCrunch

Product Hunt, the popular and growing community focused on finding the best new products, has today rolled out an improved version of its Chrome extension, which allows you to hunt, interact with and search for new products right from your web browser. The update offers a different way to interact with Product Hunt's service, allowing you to both passively keep track of products through its takeover of your "new tab" page, as well as more actively search, submit, vote and bookmark products you find around

Now’s your chance to try Signal’s desktop Chrome app – TechCrunch

The desktop version of Edward Snowden's favored end-to-end messaging system, Signal, is now available to anyone who wants to check it out. Open Whisper Systems announced the desktop version back in December, but until today it was invite-only.

Google tries its hand at social again with launch of group chat app, Spaces – TechCrunch

Google is not giving up on its social ambitions, it seems, despite its failures with Google+. The company announced this morning a new social app called Spaces, which focuses on group sharing. The app allows small groups of users to tap into other Google services, including Google Search, YouTube and Chrome, in order to post […]

Google’s search app now sports an incognito mode – TechCrunch

Looking to surf the mobile web privately, but generally prefer the Google Search app over standalone browsers like Safari or Chrome? Then you’ll appreciate the latest update to the Google Search app for iOS, which now introduces an “incognito mode” that you can further protect using Touch ID, along with a host of other changes. While […]

Microsoft Edge really wants you to leave Google Chrome, and it just made it easier to do so | Windows Central

Microsoft Edge version 104 just rolled out. It brings a new default security setting when viewing less visited sites and has a streamlined method of migrating from Chrome.

Microsoft Edge 104 can import your Chrome data, even without Chrome

Microsoft has released Edge version 104, making it possible to import Chrome browsing data from the cloud, without installing the browser.

Google says 64% of Chrome traffic on Android now protected with HTTPS, 75% on Mac, 66% on Windows – TechCrunch

Google’s push to make the web more secure by flagging sites using insecure HTTP connections appears to be working. The company announced today that 64 percent of Chrome traffic on Android is now protected, up 42 percent from a year ago. In addition, over 75 percent of Chrome traffic on both ChromeOS and Mac is […]

Daily Crunch: Uber will require masks for drivers and passengers – TechCrunch

Uber announces some COVID-19 related changes, Google’s Chrome browser is giving users a way to organize their tabs and the Senate rejects an amendment that would have raised the bar for law enforcement access to browsing data. Here’s your Daily Crunch for May 14, 2020. 1. Here’s how your Uber ride will change, starting May […]

Google rolls out iOS widgets for Gmail, Drive and Fit; says Calendar and Chrome coming soon – TechCrunch

Google has updated its flagship iPhone apps with support for home screen widgets, a new feature of iOS 14. The company announced today it’s rolling out new widgets for Gmail, Google Drive, Google Fit and soon, Google Calendar and Google Chrome, in order to put useful information on the home screen or to provide quick […]

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Benchmarking Array Traversal in Javascript: How to Go Backwards the Fastest | HackerNoon

There are many ways to traverse an array in JavaScript. In this benchmark, we will look at five different ways and the pros and cons of each. Keep in mind that these benchmarks were run in a Chrome browser on Codepen. Results will vary by browser/interpreter.

Lenovo IdeaPad Duet 5 Chromebook Review | PCMag

Cool with Chrome OS in tablet form? A 13.3-inch OLED touch screen makes Lenovo's second, bigger version of its Chromebook Duet a surprisingly nice 2-in-1 detachable for the money.