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Huawei Watch Buds release teased after several leaks - NotebookCheck.net News

Huawei has shared its first teaser for the Watch Buds, a smartwatch that also contains a pair of TWS earbuds. Originally slated for a December 2 release, Huawei has now postponed the launch date as a mark of respect to former CCP General Secretary Jiang Zemin.

Стивен Норткотт выступит техническим директором Crysis 4 - Shazoo

Crytek сообщила в своём Твиттере, что Стивен Норткотт присоединился к компании в качестве технического директора Crysis 4. До этого разработчик работал над Dust 514 и EVE Online в CCP Games....

Apple plays down security concerns over rumored iPhone 14 supplier with CCP links | iMore

Republican lawmakers have expressed major concerns after it was reported that YMTC is a memory supplier for iPhone 14.

U-Diver: Bandai Japan's remote-controlled micro submarine – TechCrunch

Japanese toy maker CCP has announced the U-Diver, its remote-controlled micro submarine, will be sold in Japan starting at the beginning of next month. CCP isn’t really an international company but belongs to the Bandai Namco group, meaning a future release outside Japan isn’t impossible. The U-Diver, which was showcased for the first time during […]

Meet the miniBee, the world's smallest remote-controlled helicopter – TechCrunch

Japanese toy maker CCP plans to sell the miniBee this week in Nippon [JP], a remote-controlled micro helicopter. The company claims that at a length of 10cm, the toy is the world’s smallest of its kind (weight: 8 grams). Available as a red and a blue version, the miniBee will cost $32 when it hits […]

EVE Online получила масштабный графический апдейт - Shazoo

К 20-летию EVE Online компания CCP Games запустила инициативу EVE Evolved — масштабное улучшение игры. В новом ролике представлен крупный графический апдейт, который серьезно изменяет внешний вид космической MMORPG. В...

How CCP handled the biggest multiplayer battle in gaming history | Network World

The battle of 6VDT, as it's now known, was a historic moment for video games. Four thousand players, representing two of the biggest power blocs in the popular space MMORPG Eve Online, slugged it out Sunday in a gigantic virtual Cannae that resulted in the destruction of more than 2,500 ships and effectively ended a long and bitter conflict.

VS Code will not build c++ programs with multiple .ccp source files

VS Code will not build c++ programs with multiple .ccp source files linux

CCP Monitors | TechRepublic


Help Configuring Cisco Router for Covad T1 service | TechRepublic

I used CCP to configure cisco 2801 router for T1 connection, but test fails with a message "there is no default route to DNS servers" Covad states i dont

Идею добавить поддержку Excel в EVE Online придумали подвыпившие сотрудницы CCP Games — Игры на DTF

Всё началось с мемов в баре, а закончилось переговорами с фанатами MMO из Microsoft.

How do configure a cisco 881 router for remote management via the wan por? | TechRepublic

I need to remotely make changes to a cisco router 881 using CCP. How do I configure the router for this?

[Solved] VS Code will not build c++ programs with multiple .ccp source files - Local Coder

Note that I'm using VS Code on Ubuntu 17.10 and using the GCC Compiler. I'm having trouble building a simple program which makes use of additional .ccp files. I'm probably missing

Software Development Engineer III - CCP at CommerceIQ • Bengaluru | AngelList Talent

CommerceIQ is hiring a Software Development Engineer III - CCP in Bengaluru - Apply now on AngelList!   Function: Software Engineering → Backend **Responsibilities:** -...

[Solved] Running Multiplication in T-SQL - Local Coder

GTS Table CCP months QUART YEARS GTS ---- ------ ----- ----- --- CCP1 1 1 2015 5 CCP1 2 1 2015 6 CCP1 3 1 2015 7 CCP1 4

[Solved] Microsoft MPI doesn't run - Local Coder

I'm trying out Microsoft's implementation of MPI. I installed the CCP sdk from here: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=239 And then in my project settings I

ICCP's CCP exam | TechRepublic

Tell us what you think about ICCP's CCP exam, as featured in this week's IT Certification Corner e-newsletter.

CCP все еще пытается сделать FPS во вселенной EVE Online - Shazoo

Уже почти 10 лет студия CCP, выпустившая и продолжающая поддерживать EVE Online, пытается сделать шутер от первого лица по своей вселенной. Во время церемонии открытия EVE Fanfest компания вновь сказала,...

[Solved] Mongodb calculation query--cummulative multiplication - Local Coder

I recently started working in Mongodb for POC. I have one json collection below db.ccpsample.insertMany([ { 'ccp_id':1, 'period':601, 'sales':100.00 }, { 'ccp

[Solved] Problem drawing a sphere in OPENGL ES - Local Coder

I've been trying to create my own sphere using OpenGL ES and I followed the math described here http://www.math.montana.edu/frankw/ccp/multiworld/multipleIVP/spherical/learn.htm Ho

[Solved] calculate running balance in oracle query - Local Coder

I have data like this id cp_id amount_a amount_b CCP1 TTP01 10.000.000 2.000.000 CCP1 TTP02 10.000.000 3.000.000 CCP1 TTP03 10.000.000 1.000.000 CCP

[Solved] cocos 2dx getPosition() , always returns initial position instead of current position - Local Coder

I have a sprite with having an action through which, it moves towards right side. CCSprite *spaceShip1=CCSprite::create('ufo_1.png'); spaceShip1->setPosition(ccp(visibleSize.w

[Solved] rotate a sprite around an anchor point - Local Coder

I have a sprite : ombreoeuf1 = [CCSprite spriteWithFile:@'mangeurcentremieu3_03.png' ]; ombreoeuf1.position = ccp(240,160); [self addChild:ombreoeuf1]; And I would like to rotate