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3 Free Machine Learning Courses for Beginners - KDnuggets

Begin your machine learning career with free courses by Georgia Tech, Stanford, and Fast AI.

10 Things Every New Developer Should Know | HackerNoon

Tips for New Developers starting a new career.

Learn the Google Cloud Platform for just $30

Start a journey to a six-figure career in cloud computing with The Complete Google Cloud eBook & Video Course Bundle.

Ashbab Khan - KDnuggets

SQL is the essential language for developers, Engineers, and Data professionals. Intermediate knowledge in SQL gives you an edge in your data science career.

4 Useful Intermediate SQL Queries for Data Science - KDnuggets

SQL is the essential language for developers, Engineers, and Data professionals. Intermediate knowledge in SQL gives you an edge in your data science career.

How to Prepare for a Data Science Interview - KDnuggets

When interviewing for a data scientist, it’s crucial to know how and what to prepare to be successful. But success also lies in knowing what not to prepare.

A Q&A With Slack's Rukmini Reddy on Data-Driven Mentorship, Career Paths, and Belonging | HackerNoon

Hear Rukmini Reddy's story - Slack SVP of Engineering and Twilio Developer Searchlight Honoree

Арт-директор студії Synchronized Женя Ринжук - UXPUB

Женя – визнаний арт-директор і співзасновник креативної студії повного циклу Synchronized. Вона є... Позначено interview, ua, experience, career.

8 Common Career Limiting Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs | HackerNoon

Career Limiting Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

Delivery Manager In Your Early 20s: The Secrets To Rapid Career Growth | HackerNoon

In this article, Karyna Prykhodko, a Junior Delivery Manager at Innovecs, shared secrets and useful advices to rapid career growth.

In-house vs. agency SEO work: The pros and cons

Looking for a change in your SEO career? Can't decide between an in-house marketing or agency role? Here are the pros and cons to consider.

hiduko: Career planning and measuring platform | BetaList

Career planning and measuring platform

So, you were laid off? Don’t panic | Computerworld

Getting laid off isn't a mark of shame. It could be the start of an entirely new career path.

A Journalist’s Journey to the World of Cybersecurity | HackerNoon

Cybersecurity, Cyber security, Journalism, Career, Career Switch, Software Testing, SQA, Testing, Software Quality Assurance

Tech Xplore - career aspirations

All the latest news about career aspirations from Tech Xplore

Online gaming enhances career prospects and develops soft skills, finds new study

Online gaming behavior can encourage gamers to gain a variety of soft skills which could assist them with training to support their career aspirations, according to new research from the University of Surrey.

ben.kyle.arceneaux@gmail.com - GameDev.net

<p>I studied computer science with a concentration in game design and development in college and interactive media has always been a huge interest of mine. Unfortunately, during my senior year of college I was head hunted by a large military contractor who offered me a position writing code for a very interesting project that I legally can't even really talk about so I took the job.</p><p>This led my career in a certain direction, notable away from the interactive media and game fields and more into govern

11 Lessons I Learned as a Tech Founder | HackerNoon

I’ve been a full-time founder for almost a year but have been into startup culture for most of my professional career as a software engineer (~4 years).

How Donating Open Source Code Can Advance Your Career - The New Stack

One contribution changed everything for Ran Isenberg. Now he’s telling others how donating to open source benefits the community and your career.

DEAL: Kick start your vlogging career with this awesome DJI Action 2 deal – Phandroid

The DJI Action 2 is enjoying a pretty huge 0 discount right now, so if you’re looking for a vlogging camera, this is one deal worth checking out.

The Complete Data Engineering Study Roadmap - KDnuggets

Everything you need to know to start your career in Data Engineering.

How to Start a Programming Career - Python Code

Discover some tips and advices for people who want to start a programming career in any field.