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How to Check a Radio Button with jQuery

Working with radio buttons in jQuery can be a bit tricky if you're not familiar with the syntax and methods involved. In this Byte, we'll cover how to check a...

Serializing to JSON in jQuery

When working with web applications, it's common to need to send or receive data from a server. This data is often in the form of a JSON object. In this Byte, w...

Adding Options to a <select> Element Using jQuery

In this Byte, we'll explore how to add options to a &lt;select&gt; dropdown list using jQuery. The &lt;select&gt; element is a frequently used element in HTML...

Remove All Elements with a Class Using JavaScript

In this Byte we'll be looking at a common operation in frontend JavaScript - removing all elements with a specific class. A task like this may come up when man...

Quintet instead of Byte — data storage and retrieval approach / Habr

Quintet is&nbsp;a&nbsp;way to&nbsp;present atomic pieces of&nbsp;data indicating their role in&nbsp;the business area. Quintets can describe any item, while each of&nbsp;them contains complete...

Alternate of Packed-Binary Time Format / Habr

The Real-Time Clock (RTC) Calendar Registers in STM32 microcontrollers implemented in Binary Code Decimal format (BCD) i. e., every two digits are represented by one byte (low digit in 0-3 bits and...

Koyaanisqatsi: The WYSIWYG-style byte-code CPU / Habr

SVG-File (actual draft) Lyrics Ancient times are known to everyone not with immortal works from Homer&#039;s only, but also with the Pythagorean multiplication table, Euclidean geometry and the Archimedes...

Writing an interpreter (virtual machine) for a simple byte-code + JIT compilation / Habr

There are two articles on Russian, the author of which writes a virtual machine (interpreter) for executing a simple bytecode and then applies different optimizations to make this virtual machine...

How to Send "multipart/form-data" with Requests in Python

If you've ever needed to send files or data to a server via a POST request, you've likely had to use multipart/form-data. In this Byte, we'll see how to send t...

Find the Index of an Item in a List in Python

In this Byte we're going to take a look at one of the most common tasks you can do with a list: finding the index of an item. Luckily, this is usually a pretty...

Python Bytes & Byte arrays Exercises with Solutions

Explore exercises on Python Bytes and Byte Arrays data type. Solutions included for working with encodings, concatenation, conversion, compression, and more.

Apple tillåter inte byte av namn Twitter på X i App Store

Apple förhindrar Twitter placeras i App Store under det nya namnet "X". Apple förklarade skälet till avslaget. Allt på grund av reglerna i App Store.

The Ineffaceable Legacy of Bruce Lee: Celebrating 50 Years with BYTE CITY's Innovative Interaction | HackerNoon

Bruce Lee, an enduring symbol of martial arts, is being brought to life for his enthusiasts across the globe via a groundbreaking collaboration.

Scala Tuple: Swap tuple elements

Explore how to swap tuple elements in Scala. Find a Scala program with an example and solution to perform tuple element swapping.

A Fully Charged EV Battery in 5 Minutes? This Automaker Says It Has the Solution | PCMag

It may sound extreme, but battery swapping, or fully replacing an EV's power source each time it runs out of juice, is a hit with drivers of NIO EVs in China and Europe. Could it work in the US?

Kotlin generic function: swap variable values

Explore how to write a Kotlin generic function that swaps two variables' values. Learn about generics in Kotlin and see examples of swapping variable values using this generic function.

Educational Byte: How to Improve Cryptocurrencies | HackerNoon

Most cryptocurrencies welcome new programmers worldwide to join their development. They can help to create new Improvement Proposals, like we do in Obyte.

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