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Qualcomm 10G Fiber Gateway Platform debuts to bring 10Gb broadband with Wi-Fi 7 to the home - NotebookCheck.net News

Qualcomm asserts that it will unlock next-gen broadband speeds with its new 10G Fiber Platform. It is designed to become the basis of next-gen service access devices capable of using 10 gigabit (10Gb) cables to unleash Wi-Fi 7 speeds within the home. It also features Qualcomm's Service Defined Wi-Fi technology, a feature touted to make the gateway in question as custom as possible.

Spectrum Advanced WiFi next-gen router to support Wi-Fi 7 thanks to Qualcomm - NotebookCheck.net News

Qualcomm has announced that it will partner the US broadband company Charter to deliver a new router for the latter's Spectrum Advanced WiFi service. It is rated to deliver 10 gigabit per second (Gb/s) wired speeds as well as Wi-Fi 7 to the customers that upgrade to it, while still supporting features such as the My Spectrum App and Security Shield.

Viasat Satellite Meant to Offer Fast Broadband Service Suffers Malfunction | PCMag

The ViaSat-3 Americas satellite was designed to supply download speeds at over 100Mbps, but a problem is now threatening to undermine its performance.

FCC's Rural Broadband Fund Faces Trouble: ISPs Want More Money | PCMag

Some ISPs that won funding from the FCC's Rural Digital Opportunity Fund say they want more money to cover cost increases, or the option to abandon bids, preferably without penalties.

FCC Chair Proposes Raising the Broadband Definition to 100Mbps Down, 20Mbps Up | PCMag

A government floor for broadband speeds has been stuck at 25/3Mbps since 2015.

Cisco snaps up Oort to bolster identity management technology | Network World

Other 2023 Cisco acquisitions include Accedian for network performance monitoring, Armorblox for large language models, and SamKnows for monitoring broadband networks.

It Was a Q1 Bloodbath for Pay TV, But 5G Home Wireless Is Picking Up Steam | PCMag

The big deal in broadband continues to be fixed wireless service, in particular Verizon 5G Home and T-Mobile Home Internet.

Comcast Courts Cord Cutters With $20 'Now TV' Skinny Streaming Bundle | PCMag

The streaming package features 41 name-brand news and entertainment channels, plus Peacock Premium streaming. But you need to be a Comcast broadband customer to get it.

Ikokonekta ng United States ang bawat Amerikano sa Internet

Si US President Joe Biden ay nagsasagawa ng mga karagdagang hakbang upang magbigay ng broadband Internet sa hinterland ng Amerika.

Amerika Serikat akan menghubungkan setiap orang Amerika ke Internet

Presiden AS Joe Biden mengambil langkah lebih lanjut untuk menyediakan Internet broadband ke pedalaman Amerika.

The Best Gaming ISPs for Canada 2021 | PCMag

To succeed in online gaming you need more than just quick fingers, even more important is a high-quality broadband connection with low latency and little jitter. Canadians in search of a top-notch home gaming experience should consider these ISPs first.

FCC Updates Broadband Map With New ISP Data, Including Spots With No Service | PCMag

The commission says revisions reveal almost 330,000 more locations without service, plus more than a million new locations with broadband.

Business Choice 2023: The Top ISPs in North America | PCMag

No business could survive today without fast, reliable broadband. We ask our US and Canadian readers to rate their favorite internet service providers for work.

Looking for ISP Satisfaction? Life Is Finer With Fiber | PCMag

The latest American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) report shows a gulf opening up between fiber optic and other forms of broadband.

Readers' Choice 2023: The Top ISPs in North America | PCMag

Whether we work remotely or not, we all rely on fast, affordable, reliable broadband at home. Find out which internet service providers deliver the most, according to PCMag readers in the US and Canada.

The FCC Is Ready to Hear Your Broadband Data Cap Horror Stories | PCMag

FCC Chair Jessica Rosenworcel asks the commission to begin a formal investigation into why data caps persist among residential broadband providers.

White House Tips $42B for Broadband Buildout: How Much Does Your State Get? | PCMag

President Biden wants to 'connect every person in America to reliable high-speed internet by 2030.' Texas and California get most of the cash, but every state gets a piece of the broadband pie.

Satisfaction With Starlink Tops ISP Rivals by a Mile, Even With Slower Speeds | PCMag

Though traditional fixed broadband providers are, in theory, providing the fastest internet in the US, Starlink customers give the satellite service high marks, especially in rural areas, Ookla finds.

Gigabit Internet – Do You Really Need It? - Root Nation

Since the era of dial-up, a lot has changed. Now, you have access to internet connections that are faster than standard high-speed fiber broadband. In the majority of areas, gigabit services are available for less than $100 on average. But who really requires a gigabit connection? What do those speeds mean, though? And will it […]

Starlink Users Love Their Internet Twice As Much Despite 68% Lower Speeds

Starlink users are quite happy with their service despite having lower median download speeds than broadband internet shows data.

Jack Millership, Zappi, Author at VentureBeat

Jack Millership is the data expertise lead at Zappi, where he specializes in building a high-quality, harmonized data set to help its 350 global customers make better business decisions. Prior to joining Zappi, Jack was an Associate Director of Market Opportunities and Innovation at GFK, where he led path-to-purchase tracking across mobile, broadband, and TV in the UK.  This is a complete list of VentureBeat articles written by Jack Millership, Zappi, in reverse chronological order.

China Constructing Huge Megaconstellation in Orbit

China's space program is getting ready to launch the first satellites of its own broadband-beaming mega constellation, SpaceNews reports.