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WEJOY touchscreen projector with 300-in image is now crowdfunding - NotebookCheck.net News

The WEJOY touchscreen projector is crowdfunding. The device has a touchscreen, allowing you to interact with the image with your hands or a stylus. The projector can cast images up to 300-in wide with a 1080P resolution. You can cast to the portable gadget via AirPlay and Bluetooth or connect via various ports.

F15S low-cost smartwatch arrives with temperature and blood pressure sensors - NotebookCheck.net News

The F15S is a new cheaper smartwatch from China. The wearable has various health tracking features, including heart rate, blood pressure and skin temperature sensors. The device has a 1.75-in touchscreen and can be controlled using voice commands. You can connect the watch to iOS and Android devices, enabling a Bluetooth calling function.

Protag Elite Is A Rechargeable Bluetooth Card That Keeps Tabs On Your Valuables – TechCrunch

After Tile raised $2.6M in its crowdfunding campaign for a Bluetooth 4.0-powered tagging tech for tracking valuable items, it was only a matter of time before others jumped aboard the bandwagon. Now to be fair to Innova Technology, they were in this game already, with their first-gen Protag tracking card device. But they've now beefed up the offering with a BT 4.0 device called Protag Elite.

BitLock Is A Smart Bike Lock That Lets You Share Your Bike, Map & Track Your Rides – TechCrunch

BitLock is a smart lock for your bike that uses Bluetooth LE/4.0 to do away with physical keys -- allowing you to lock and unlock your ride based on the proximity of your smartphone to your bike (or directly within the app). The device exists in prototype form only for now, as its San Francisco-based makers are seeking $120,000 on Kickstarter to go into production.

Coin, Kicking Credit Cards To The Curb, Answers A Few Questions – TechCrunch

YC-backed Coin, the electronic credit card that stores multiple cards on one Bluetooth device, made a big splash last week blowing past its $50,000 pre-order in less than 40 minutes. Turns out, people not only want to buy more Coins but they want to know more about Coin, too. That said, the company is responding to consumer feedback, announcing a number of features that will be available in the first release.

Mooshimeter Is A Smarter Multimeter That Works As A Wireless Extension Of Your Smartphone – TechCrunch

The presence of Bluetooth LE/4.0 in the latest generations of smartphones and tablets has let to an explosion of hardware/sensor add-ons that extend the capabilities of the mobile devices we all now carry around with us. Here's the latest example: an updating of the digital multimeter, called the Mooshimeter, that brings circuit testing abilities to your smartphone in app form.

Mingleton Is Tinder For Strangers In The Room With You – TechCrunch

A startup called Mingleton is introducing a new mobile dating application that uses iBeacon technology to help you connect only with people you can see around you, or, as one of the founders puts it, it’s like Tinder “for the people in your immediate vicinity.” The app doesn’t actually require venues to have iBeacon or Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) devices […]

StormTag Is A Waterproof Weather Sensor That Wants To Help Crowdsource Hyperlocal Forecasts – TechCrunch

StormTag is a key-fob sized sensor for measuring weather data that's designed to contribute to a crowdsourced network of other sensors to map aggregated weather data and offer localized predictions. It works with Bluetooth LE smartphones and tablets to sync its data back to the cloud where users can view weather info in an app.

LightFreq’s Connected Bulbs Deliver Audio Plus Visuals – TechCrunch

If you're having trouble choosing whether to buy a connected lightbulb or a Bluetooth speaker then points your eyes at this Kickstarter project: LightFreq combines an app-controlled lightbulb with a Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connected speaker so you can have your visual cake and consume some audio too.

Wacom’s New Stylus Series Offers A Digital Pen For Every Scribbler, Sketcher And Note-Taker – TechCrunch

Wacom has a series of new stylus devices for tablets and smartphones that it’s launching today, including three new Bamboo devices and a new Intuos version, with two aimed specifically at the iPad with special Bluetooth-powered pressure sensitivity abilities. Two entry-level Bamboo styluses offer a better nib, with one adding an ink pen on the […]

iBeacon Hack Makes It More Efficient To Wait Tables – TechCrunch

Here at the 2014 TechCrunch Disrupt SF hackathon two-man hack team, Ray Ho and Mark Watson, showed off a simple but promising concept that combines $3-a-pop Bluetooth beacons with restaurant software Clover to make the process of waiting on tables more efficient.

Apple’s iOS 8.3 Rolls Out With A New World Of Emoji And Bug Fixes – TechCrunch

Apple's newest iOS update is out, bringing support for over 300 new emoji, in line with the update that went out for OS X today, too. That means the new, more diverse and potentially more expressive emoticons will work across both platforms. iOS 8.3 also includes a laundry list of bug fixes and improvements, addressing features ranging from Wi-Fi, app launching and Bluetooth to Messages, CarPlay and more.

Випущено годинник WS3 Pro з функціями моніторингу ЕКГ за $21 – Український телекомунікаційний портал

Випущено смарт-годинник WS3 PRO з функцією дзвінків по Bluetooth, електрокардіограмою (ЕКГ) і вимірюванням артеріального тиску. Це недорогий розумний годинник із Китаю, який забезпечує багатий набір функцій для здоров’я та фітнесу, зберігаючи при цьому класичний дизайн. WS3 PRO має вбуд

TWS-наушники OnePlus Nord Buds CE с защитой IPX4 и автономностью до 20 часов стоят менее $40 - hi-Tech.ua

OnePlus Nord Buds CE оснащены 13,4-миллиметровыми драйверами. Наушники работают по Bluetooth 5.2 и поддерживают кодеки AAC и SBC. - hi-Tech.ua

LOKMAT Comet Pro affordable smartwatch launches with SpO2 and blood pressure monitors - NotebookCheck.net News

LOKMAT has launched a new smartwatch, the Comet Pro. The wearable is an upgraded version of the Comet, with a larger 1.32-in display. Health features of the watch include blood pressure, heart rate and SpO2 monitors. Plus, you can also use the device to make Bluetooth calls and unlock doors with a built-in NFC function.

LilyGO TTGO T4 introduced with a built-in display and charging circuitry - NotebookCheck.net News

LilyGO has started offering the TTGO T4, an ESP32-based single-board computer (SBC). Equipped with a colour display on one side, the TTGO T4 also comes with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, plus a microSD card reader and a 20-pin GPIO header, among other features. The LilyGO TTGO T4 starts at US$26.98 with a 2.4-inch display and is orderable now.

LG Tone Free Fit (TF8) Review | PCMag

The waterproof LG Tone Free Fit (TF8) true wireless earphones deliver laudable audio performance and their charging case lets you transmit audio from wired 3.5mm sources over Bluetooth.

WS3 PRO smartwatch is a cheaper smartwatch with Bluetooth calling, ECG and blood pressure monitor - NotebookCheck.net News

The WS3 PRO is a new, less expensive smartwatch from China. You can use the wearable for Bluetooth calling, with a built-in speaker and microphone. The touchscreen watch is compatible with Android and iOS devices and has up to 7 days of battery life. Plus, the gadget has many health features, including blood oxygen, blood pressure and heart rate monitors.

Save $20 on the Best Ever Portable Bluetooth Speaker by Bose

Amazon is offering you a chance to pick up the Bose SoundLink Flex for a low price of just $129 in every color there is.

Чому на Android-смартфонах потрібно завжди відключати Bluetooth – Український телекомунікаційний портал

Багато сучасних ноутбуків, смартфонів, планшетів підтримують обмін даними через Bluetooth. Але чи знали ви, що цю функцію завжди потрібно вимикати після використання? Власники смартфонів на Android нерідко забувають відключати Bluetooth, оскільки постійно користуються бездротовими навуш?

Наушники Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro получат 10-мм динамики и поддержку Bluetooth 5.3

Интернет-источники опубликовали пресс-изображения и информацию о характеристиках полностью беспроводных наушников (TWS) погружного типа Galaxy Buds 2 Pro, которые готовит к выпуску компания Samsung.

Наушники Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro получат 10-мм динамики и поддержку Bluetooth 5.3

Интернет-источники опубликовали пресс-изображения и информацию о характеристиках полностью беспроводных наушников (TWS) погружного типа Galaxy Buds 2 Pro, которые готовит к выпуску компания Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro: Official image leaks as ANC, IPX7 and long battery life touted for €229 earbuds - NotebookCheck.net News

An extensive leak has confirmed many details about the Galaxy Buds2 Pro, Samsung's next pair of high-end earbuds. Due to be presented on August 10, the earbuds will feature long battery life, noise cancellation and waterproofing. Bluetooth 5.3 support should be onboard for the Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro too.

Прогресивний GPS-трекер Teltonika FMP100 - ITnews

GPS трекер Plug and Play (швидке підключення) з передачею по GSM і Bluetooth та живленням від роз’єму прикурювача для легкого встановлення.

Porsche Design Conference Speaker launches with 12-hour lifetime - NotebookCheck.net News

Porsche Design has launched the Conference Speaker PDS30, a portable Bluetooth device. Conference mode allows a two-way conversation with 360° voice coverage and a listening range of up to 3 m (~10 ft). Plus, speaker mode lets you play content from a connected device. The gadget can last 12 hours on a single charge and recharges via USB-C.