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Aifediyi Victor | HackerNoon

I am a blockchain enthusiast and writer.


How Blockchain Technology Can Help With UBI - Re: American Equity by Sam Altman | HackerNoon

And this is one of a few cases where instead of fearing technology, we could embrace it and make it work for us.


HIVE Blockchain начала получать биткоин-майнеры на чипах Intel | ForkLog

В ноябре майнинговая компания HIVE Blockchain сгенерировала 264 BTC и получила первые 262 новые установки для добычи цифрового золота на базе ASIC-чипа от Intel.


Solana founders see now as a time to bridge the blockchain and the physical world • TechCrunch

Solana's co-founders see this downturn as an opportunity for its team and developers to build and ignore the noise.


Your Ultimate Guide to Ethereum and its Working Principles | HackerNoon

Ethereum is a blockchain platform that allows developers to build and deploy decentralized applications.


Unlocking the True Potential of Blockchain | HackerNoon

Single user single address is the past; now multiple user single account is the new reality.


Starbucks opens up its blockchain-based loyalty program and NFT community to first beta testers • TechCrunch

Starbucks today is launching its blockchain-based loyalty program and NFT community, Starbucks Odyssey, to its first group of U.S. beta testers.

Meet Bricktrade: Bridging the Gap Between CeFi & DeFi | HackerNoon

The use of blockchain technology alone removes 14 intermediaries from the end-to-end process of investing in property.

Join us for free for upcoming DataHour Sessions - Analytics Vidhya

Register now for upcoming DataHour Sessions and upskill yourself with the latest Data Science, Data Tech and Blockchain trends.

Telegram is auctioning phone numbers to let users sign up to the service without any SIM • TechCrunch

Telegram is auctioning virtual numbers on blockchain, which could be used to sign up for the service without a SIM.

Telegram leverages blockchain to implement no-SIM signups

You can purchase an anonymous phone number for as little as $16

Justin Sun on the Future of Crypto | HackerNoon

Justin Sun spoke at Token2049 and discussed his beliefs about the future of crypto, decentralization, and blockchain.

Blockchain Technology Revolutionizes Businesses to Boost Revenue

Blockchain offers a massive boost to secure transactions, which would generate immense revenue. Read on to know how blockchain revolutionizes business to boost revenue.

What will be the Top Blockchain Implementation Challenges In 2023?

The blockchain trend has passed, but other problems with implementing technologies are becoming apparent. Let's check the challenges of Blockchain implementation in 2023. 

Gaming on the Blockchain Amidst the Bear Market | HackerNoon

The hype around the bear market in cryptocurrencies is progressively fading, and in recent weeks, the cost to join the exclusive club for gamers has been rapidly falling.

Riot Blockchain добыла в ноябре рекордные 521 BTC | ForkLog

За ноябрь майнинговая компания Riot Blockchain добыла рекордные 521 BTC и увеличила хешрейт до максимального для себя показателя в 7,7 EH/s.

Revenant.gg | HackerNoon

Revenant is a decentralized gaming platform and our mission is to make blockchain gaming accessible for everybody.

Euler Tools Solutions

Blockchain explained.

Rootstock's 'Built-on-Bitcoin' Rebrand: Everything You Need To Know | HackerNoon

Rootstock is the ‘smart’ version of Bitcoin that operates as a layer 2 on top of the main Bitcoin blockchain, combining the functionality of smart contracts.

Can Blockchain Technology Change Plagiarism Detection in Academia? | HackerNoon

top ways that blockchain technology can help improve education and academic writing by replacing traditional plagiarism-identifying techniques

What does it take to make your own blockchain explorer? | HackerNoon

Even though the bear market is quite strong lately and there may not be much interest in the space, this is still arguably a great time to build new and cool things that may or may not be useful in the future.


Blockchain NFT data an API away!

Cory Hymel, Gigster, Author at VentureBeat

Cory Hymel leads all things Web3 as the Director of Blockchain at Gigster, a company dedicated to helping businesses develop software applications with the speed of a startup, coupled with the quality and expertise of the most innovative global talent. This is a complete list of VentureBeat articles written by Cory Hymel, Gigster, in reverse chronological order.

AI and blockchain technologies empower organizations to manage distributed teams | VentureBeat

Even in a recession, companies can use new technology like AI and blockchain to create effective, distributed teams.