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Kik’s Cross-Platform Messaging App Makes Its Public Debut On Symbian (Yes, Symbian) – TechCrunch

Kik, the cross-platform messaging app that works on iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone, is today publicly launching on Symbian after a month of private beta testing. The new Kik Messenger for Symbian brings improved group texting, sent, delivered, and received receipts, notifications to indicate when someone is typing, support for photo sharing, and the ability to locate your contacts who already using Kik. But I know what you're thinking: why Symbian?

Nearly 40% Of Facebook Users Are Mobile App Users – TechCrunch

According to new data from Benedict Evans for Enders Analysis, the number of monthly active users of Facebook's mobile apps recently passed the 300 million mark. This is primarily due to heavy use of the iOS and Android apps, but it also takes into account apps that run on BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows Phone, iPad and feature phones. That number equates to roughly 40% of Facebook's currently disclosed 800 million active users.

Instant Messaging Service Imo.im Launches Real-Time Social Network – TechCrunch

Imo.im, which you probably know as the multi-platform free instant messaging product for the web and mobile devices is launching its own real-time social network today. For now, the network is only accessible online, but the company says it will soon integrate the new features into its mobile app lineup, which currently includes apps for the iPhone/iPad, Android, BlackBerry and Nokia devices.

Facebook Messenger Apps Get More Life-Like, Now Show If Someone’s Read Your Message – TechCrunch

Facebook thinks mobile messaging should feel like you're having a face-to-face conversation, so today it updates its Messenger for iOS and Android apps with the ability to see if someone's read your message, and easier ways to tell if someone's typing and where they're messaging from. Facebook Messenger "read receipts" are even easier to understand than those long-found on BlackBerry Messenger, and they work for group messaging too. The apps now display "Seen by Peter, Josh, Justin" right under a sent mess

Can Paying Friends Be Fun? Venmo Features “News Feed Of Payments” In Redesigned App – TechCrunch

"Josh paid Aaron $391 for best Coachella weekend ever". Peer-to-peer payments app Venmo thinks that when you pay someone back for drinks, dinner, or concert tickets, you're really sharing memories, and your friends will want to see. So today it relaunches its iOS, Android, and BlackBerry apps with a news feed of payments now featured on the homescreen. [Update 6:00 EST: Venmo just published a blog post with some product change specifics.] The redesign follows interface trends from Facebook, Twitter, and In

Sequoia Invests $8 Million In Messaging App Maker WhatsApp: Sources – TechCrunch

Messaging apps that let you use your smartphone to text or chat with your friends or even large groups of people, often free of charge, are red hot. We've heard from a reliable source that one of the companies making waves in the space, WhatsApp, has just secured $8 million in financing from Sequoia Capital, and possibly other investors. WhatsApp enables users of iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Nokia Symbian60 devices to exchange text messages, images, audio and even video messages with one another.

BlackBerry 10: RIM To Run Developer Events In 11 Cities To Focus On Building Enterprise Apps – TechCrunch

As it ramps up to the launch of devices running its next-gen OS in Q1 next year, RIM has announced a new series of BlackBerry developer events focused on its traditional user-base by helping enterprises and other organizations build apps for BlackBerry 10. The Blackberry 10 Jam World Tour will see day-long BB10 events held in 11 cities around the world, kicking off tomorrow in Toronto.

LinkedIn (Finally) Gives BlackBerry Some TLC: New App Supports BB7; Streamlines Messaging, Adds Job Changes, Profile Views; BB10 App Coming Next Year – TechCrunch

LinkedIn has given its BlackBerry app a much needed update to boost functionality and speed improvements -- its last BB app update was in 2010. The new app is available for BB6 and BB7 and includes several new features and functions -- including the ability to view job changes and new connections in your network, shared posts in the news stream and the day's top news from LinkedIn Today.

BlackBerry Community Wants Marquee Apps So Bad It’s Porting Them DIY-Style – And BlackBerry Doesn’t Approve – TechCrunch

BlackBerry's platform has had some big name additions in the past couple of days, but unfortunately both came via sideloaded Android apps, likely created by the community using BlackBerry developer tools and the APKs of the Android apps in question. BlackBerry has made it very easy for any developer to port their Android titles to BB10 in around five to ten minutes, but that means it's easy for anyone motivated enough to do so as well.

Messaging Service WhatsApp To Extend Subscription Model To iOS This Year, But Don’t Hold Your Breath For A Desktop App – TechCrunch

WhatsApp, the popular mobile messaging app that eschews advertising in favor of a paid model, is getting ready to bring its iOS app in line with the apps it makes for other platforms by turning it into an annual subscription service. Jan Koum, WhatsApp's CEO, says that the company is planning this year to shift its iOS app to one where new users would pay annually to keep using, taking it away from a one-off download fee and bringing it in line with how it is distributed on the Android, BlackBerry, Nokia a

Skype For BlackBerry 10 Arrives, But It’s A World Of Hurt – TechCrunch

Skype has officially announced the availability of its BlackBerry 10 app, out initially for Q10 devices, which means not many people will have access to it, since the Q10 doesn’t ship until the beginning of May. As you my have seen from my review, I do have access to a Q10 currently, and the Skype app […]

Now 200M Users Strong, Viber Launches Desktop App With Video Calling In Version 3.0 – TechCrunch

Viber has made quite a name for itself as a global mobile first company, but today that all changes as the company breaks ground in the desktop space. That means that starting today, Viber's 200 million+ users will have access to their Viber contacts from both mobile and desktop. The rollout is part of a bigger push from Viber, including an update to its iOS, Android and BlackBerry apps to version 3.0. But the real story is this desktop app.

Tuenti Launches Zero Cost Data Tied To Its Social Network (With PRISM-Free Privacy) – TechCrunch

You might not have heard of Spanish social network Tuenti, but it was acquired by Telefonica back in 2010 for $99 million and has garnered over 14 million users. Since then it's opened up to worldwide users in most languages, launched new apps (Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Firefox OS) and moved heavily into messaging.

Microsoft Turns On Its First Carrier-Billing Deal For The Windows Phone Store With Bango, In Indonesia – TechCrunch

Microsoft, unveiling a raft of product annoucements at its Build conference this week, is also making some advances further afield. Today, Bango, the UK-based mobile payments and analytics company that works with companies like Facebook, Amazon, Blackberry and Google so that app purchases can be billed directly to users' phone bills, is announcing the first implementation of its service with Microsoft, on the Windows Phone Store. Specifically, Microsoft is turning it on in Indonesia, the largest mobile pho

Global Mobile Android/iOS Messaging App Map Dominated By WhatsApp — But BBM Bags A Foothold – TechCrunch

The mobile messaging app landscape continues to be highly geographically fragmented, with different messaging services doing well in different global regions. Despite ongoing localised variety, messaging veteran WhatsApp remains dominant in multiple global regions, even as relative newcomer -- to Android and iOS -- BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), gets a foothold on the social chit-chat map of these two platforms.

BlackBerry Messenger Directory Search App Lands On Android & Charts Uptick In BBM Interest – TechCrunch

BlackBerry hardware may be languishing unloved on warehouse shelves but the company formerly known as RIM's long-in-the-tooth mobile messaging client, BBM, ain't dead yet. Indeed, it's enjoying a bit of revival. A directory app for BBM that's just launched its own Android app is reporting increased usage since BBM went cross-platform.

BlackBerry Launches BBM Protected For Confidential Instant Messaging – TechCrunch

BlackBerry today began the rollout of its first eBBM suite product, which tailors its BBM instant messaging service to enterprise users. Today marks the debut of BBM Protected, FIPS 140-2 cryptographic library-enabled messaging, between users within the same enterprise, or between organizations who also use BBM Protected, for secure and confidential communications. Who cares about […]

BlackPhone Co-Founder Jon Callas On Mobilizing Privacy For The Mainstream – TechCrunch

BlackPhone co-founder Jon Callas is in London to give a talk at IP Expo -- pitching the concept of a secure yet capable smartphone to IT decision makers who, wind back the clock a few years, would have unquestionably bought BlackBerry. Now there are a lot more question marks over that sort of business buying decision, given BlackBerry's downward trajectory. And where there's fresh slack, there's the gleam of opportunity.

Instagram For The BlackBerry [Screenshot] – TechCrunch

Inspired by the epic Angry Birds for Blackberry, Myspace VP Sean Percival has come up with a hypothetical of what the popular photosharing app Instagram would look like on the text heavy and camera weak Blackberry platform. The above image is particularly humorous when coupled with the fact that Instagram, which just hit one million downloads, has not yet launched on Android. Percival's ultimate message here is intended to go beyond the lols however, "With so many brands getting into Instagram I was curio

Instagram Launches Full Image Feed For Web Browsers, Including Commenting And Liking Functions – TechCrunch

Instagram has just announced that its full feed has made its way to the web, meaning that users no longer have to access through the dedicated mobile apps to check out all of their content, and participate in the conversation around posted photos. The web-based feed comes in both desktop- and mobile-optimized flavors, meaning you're set if you're using something like BlackBerry not yet graced by an official app (minus the ability to post photos, of course).

This Week On The Gadgets Podcast: Silk Road, Instagram Ads, BBM, And The Z30 – TechCrunch

An anonymous, underground drug trafficking web site Silk Road has been busted and the founder has been arrested, effectively shutting down a $1 billion+ revenue business after two years. And in softer tech news, Instagram has revealed plans to put ads in the stream over the next couple months. Meanwhile, BlackBerry continues to be in shambles, with BBM for Android and iOS delayed and the Z30 reportedly not going on sale in the company's home country of Canada on Rogers.

Китаєць вбудував iPhone у корпус Sony з клавіатурою BlackBerry – Український телекомунікаційний портал

Інженери-ентузіасти часто вражають громадськість своїми розробками, але найчастіше ті не дуже помітні: наприклад, модифікація iPhone з портом USB-C замість Lightning. Однак цього разу китайський фахівець, схоже, перевершив своїх колег: він скомбінував три смартфони в одному, і все запрац

Китаєць вбудував iPhone у корпус Sony з клавіатурою BlackBerry – Український телекомунікаційний портал

Інженери-ентузіасти часто вражають громадськість своїми розробками, але найчастіше ті не дуже помітні: наприклад, модифікація iPhone з портом USB-C замість Lightning. Однак цього разу китайський фахівець, схоже, перевершив своїх колег: він скомбінував три смартфони в одному, і все запрац

SAP’s New EVP And GM Of Mobile Sees Tech Trends Converging – TechCrunch

SAP's new EVP and GM of Mobile, Rick Costanzo spent 15 years at BlackBerry. He saw the smartphone develop from its earliest days, and he's excited to be working for SAP because he sees its mobile division as the glue holding together several tech trends.

Zenprise updates BlackBerry monitoring software | Network World

BlackBerry handhelds and mobile e-mail performance for users can now be monitored by the updated Zenprise for BlackBerry software.