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Machine Learning Category - Page 151 of 151 - MarkTechPost

In the field of artificial intelligence, machine learning is a branch that uses data and algorithms to imitate human learning. It's an ongoing process in which computers can improve their accuracy over time through practice with large amounts or "data sets."


Some publishers are struggling to grow on Apple News Plus | iMore

According to new data from the Alliance for Audited Media (AAM), publisher growth is slowing on Apple's news aggregation service.


A Q&A With Slack's Rukmini Reddy on Data-Driven Mentorship, Career Paths, and Belonging | HackerNoon

Hear Rukmini Reddy's story - Slack SVP of Engineering and Twilio Developer Searchlight Honoree


Chattermill, which uses AI to extract insights from customer experience data, raises $26M • TechCrunch

Chattermill, a platform that helps companies unlock insights by analyzing customer feedback data, has raised $26 million.

Starlink customers won't get hit with a data cap this month, but it's coming

Starlink customers can breathe a sigh of relief for now, as the company will not impose a data cap this month.


FCC: Verizon, AT&T Probably Violate Net Neutrality | PCMag

AT&T and Verizon let subscribers stream some audio and video content without it counting towards their data caps.


FCC Gives AT&T, Verizon Free Pass on Net Neutrality | PCMag

The commission said it would no longer investigate free data programs known as zero-rating.

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