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How I Got Here: 12 Questions with Writer and Software Engineer David Auerbach

Centered would be a good way to describe current freelance writer and former Google and Microsoft employee David Auerbach. After a career as a left-brained software engineer at two of tech’s most profitable companies, the...

Entrepreneurial Excellence: Can 10,000 Hours Of Practice Make Perfect? – TechCrunch

Editor’s note: Jon Auerbach is a partner at Charles River Ventures, a 42-year-old early stage venture firm based in Menlo Park and Cambridge, Ma, where he focuses on mobile technologies. Research over the past two decades has identified a strong link between hours of practice and expertise in sports, chess and the performing arts. In the early 1990s, Anders Ericsson, a psychologist at Florida State University, spent months tracking violinists at the Music Academy in Berlin. He found that the top violinis

The Black Keys - "Delta Kream" — Музыка на DTF

Группа Black Keys - друзья детства Дэн Ауэрбах (Dan Auerbach) на вокале, гитаре, бас-гитаре и клавишных и Патрик Карни (Patrick Carney) на ударных - обрели успех, образовавшись в Акроне, штат Огайо, и переехали в Нэшвилл десять лет назад. Но география, похоже, никогда не имела особого значения для этог

In depth: Technology predictions will help you avoid future shock | TechRepublic

CIOs and other IT leaders should look to the future to win the information war being waged today. This article from Auerbach Publications looks at what's ahead in the IT world and how enterprise and employees must adapt to survive.

Critical success factors for information requirements gathering | TechRepublic

Gathering intelligence before adopting new technologies can be the most difficult step in the process, often due to human errors and inconsistencies. This Auerbach report reveals the critical success factors for a requirements-gathering effort.

In depth: Outsourcing security may fit smaller businesses | TechRepublic

Keeping your Internet and network safe is a real concern and one that your organization may not be able to handle in-house. According to this Auerbach report, outsourcing may be the answer for smaller organizations now entering the high-speed market.

New CEO Brings Avira New Direction, New Energy | PCMag

After 27 years running German antivirus company Avira, founder and CEO Tjark Auerbach stepped down earlier this year. New CEO Travis Witteveen shared his thoughts on the company's present and future.

Court orders ICANN to open its books | Computerworld

The decision is the latest in an ongoing fight between the Internet regulatory body and Karl Auerbach, the ICANN North American elected director.

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Papers by Eric Auerbach with links to code and results.

COSMIC Full Function Points (FFP) and the Worldwide Field Trials Strategy

This excerpt by Alain Abran, Serge Oligny, and Charles Symons from COSMIC Function Points: Theory and Advanced Practices discusses the key concepts of COSMIC FFP-related FSM design and the structure of its measurement process, as well as the strategy of its worldwide field trials. From COSMIC Function Points: Theory and Advanced Practices, Edited by Reiner Dumke and Alain Abran. New York: Auerbach Publications, 2011.

Green Servers and Data Centers

This chapter describes how to green your data centers and servers by choosing green suppliers when you buy in data center services. It explains why you should start now, and discusses planning buildings, power supplies, and servers, storage, and networking. Excerpted from Green Computing: Tools and Techniques for Saving Energy, Money, and Resources by Bud E. Smith; ISBN 9781466503403; Auerbach Publications, 2013.

The Role of Data Governance in an Organization

Excerpted from Data Governance: Creating Value from Information Assets, edited by Neera Bhansali; ISBN 9781439879139: Auerbach Publications, 2013

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CRV has closed its newest fund with the same amount as its previous fund; ‘We’re making a statement’ – TechCrunch

CRV, the early-stage venture firm that is this year celebrating its 50th anniversary, has just closed its newest fund with $600 million in capital commitments. The firm asserts that it garnered the pledges entirely during the pandemic, saying it kicked off its fundraising efforts in April. Just as notably, says general partner Jon Auerbach — […]

Nestio Raises $750,000 To Make Apartment Searches Suck Less – TechCrunch

Nestio, a startup that aims to calm and organize the frantic process of searching for an apartment, announced today that it has closed a $750,000 seed funding round. The round was led by Quotidian Ventures, with contributions from a number of angel investors, including Joanne Wilson, Rick Webb, Josh Auerbach, and David Tisch.

Самая сложная игра всех времён / Habr

Robot Odyssey Нью-йоркский программист Дэвид Ауэрбах (David Auerbach) вспоминает компьютерную игру, для прохождения которой ему понадобилось 13 лет и которая определила его будущее как...

Бывший член правления ICANN говорит, что.COM стоит 14 центов / Хабр

Бывший член правления ICANN Карл Ауэрбах (Karl Auerbach) />сказал Name Intelligence, что VeriSign (монопольный регистратор .com-доменов) тратит менее 14 центов на регистрацию доменного имени....