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A Stark Moral Choice | HackerNoon

On September 27, 1983, computer programmers logging on to the Usenet newsgroup net.unix-wizards encountered an unusual message.

C# Object Oriented Programming for Beginners | CodeGuru.com

Learn about Object Oriented Programming (OOP), its features and benefits, and how programmers can work with it in C#.

Why is TensorFlow so popular for machine learning systems?

There's a big trend happening in machine learning (ML) – programmers are flocking toward a tool called TensorFlow, an open-source library product that facilitates some of the key work inherent in building and using training...

New Visual Basic: New Name, New Features

Microsoft Visual Basic has been a favorite for object-oriented programmers since, well, before the millennium — but now it's getting an additional facelift, as Microsoft comes out with the next version of this software along...

Can AI Have Biases?

Learn from these seven instances in which AI is deliberately used to exclude certain categories or in which it simply reflects the bias embedded by its human programmers with a discriminatory effect.

What Exactly Is Application-Centric IT Management?

For quite a while now, mobile designers, software programmers and whole lot of others have understood intuitively that the “app” or application is one of the most important parts of an IT system. But now there is a...

Gaming Principles and the Future Virtual World

Ever since the very beginning of personal computing, programmers have been trying to figure out how to use programming principles to create virtual worlds, worlds in which objects, characters and environments are all ...

INFOGRAPHIC: HTML5 - Why Developers Need It

HTML, the language used by programmers and webmasters to create websites, has largely remained unchanged for more than a decade. It wasn't until 2011 that the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) accepted the proposed HTML5...

Chepkirui Dorothy Articles and Tutorials - Python Code

The goal of Python Code is to provide python tutorials, recipes, problem fixes and articles to beginner and intermediate python programmers, as well as sharing knowledge to the world.

Chepkirui Dorothy - Python Code

The goal of Python Code is to provide python tutorials, recipes, problem fixes and articles to beginner and intermediate python programmers, as well as sharing knowledge to the world.

How to be good in hackathons as a developer? Practice creating simple pet projects / Habr

Hackathons could be very intimidating and stressful. It is hard to find an idea, create a prototype, prepare the presentation, and finish everything just in a weekend. It is even harder if you are...

EF не создает таблицы идентичности AspNet – 1 Ответ

К вашему Global.Asax добавить Database.SetInitializer(new... Вопрос по теме: c#, entity-framework, asp.net-identity.

Dangerous hole in Apache Commons Text – like Log4Shell all over again – Naked Security - World Tech News

Java programmers love string interpolation options. In case you’re not a coder, you’re in all probability confused by the phrase “interpolation” right here, as a result of it’s been borrowed as programming jargon the place it’s not an excellent linguistic match… …however the concept is easy, very highly effective, and typically spectacularly harmful. In different […]

New coding tool could aid computer programmers who are blind or have low vision

A new tool could help make code reading, navigating and editing more accessible and efficient for blind and low-vision computer programmers, according to Penn State researchers.

Potential Steam feature would be a godsend for users with data caps or slow internet - World Tech News

On Thursday, SteamDB creator and common dataminer Pavel Djundik tweeted (opens in new tab) a brand new discovery in Steam’s code: a “peer content material” shopper/server mode. His takeaway, quickly confirmed by different programmers, was that “Valve is seemingly engaged on peer-to-peer Steam downloads on LAN.” Peer-to-peer downloads might make you consider file-sharing software program […]

API for Beginners: Requests, Responses, Resources, and GET Explained with Code | HackerNoon

For self-taught programmers, learning APIs will make you better than 90% of the other beginners. And, it is easy!

Silent Hill Townfall Developer No Code Seeks Programmers & Animators

Get a chance to work on the next Silent Hill game at a BAFTA-winning company.

'list' object has no attribute 'reshape' ( Solved )

The list is widely used by the python programmers. Know how to solve the AttributeError: 'list' object has no attribute 'reshape' error.

Minor Imperfections That Shout ‘Beginner Code' | HackerNoon

Beginners may make functional code but they can still make small mistakes that can cause problems down the line and are obvious to more experienced programmers

Hitting the Books: The women who made ENIAC more than a weapon - World Tech News

After Mary Sears and her workforce had revolutionized the sector of oceanography, however earlier than Katherine G. Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson helped put John Glenn into orbit, a cadre of ladies programmers working for the US authorities confronted an unattainable job: prepare ENIAC, the world’s first trendy pc, to do greater than shortly […]

80 Level Job Digest: Opportunities for Programmers & Artists

Apply for positions at MSG Sphere Studios, Starbreeze, Metaverse Game Studios, Streamline Studios, Superbloom, Persistant Studios, and The Gang.

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