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Low resource retrieval augmented adaptive neural machine translation - Amazon Science

We propose KNN-Kmeans MT, a sample efficient algorithm that improves retrieval based augmentation performance in low resource settings by adding an additional K-means filtering layer after the KNN step. KNN-Kmeans MT like its predecessor retrieval augmented machine translation approaches…


#artifical-intelligence stories | HackerNoon

Read the latest artifical-intelligence stories on HackerNoon, where 10k+ technologists publish stories for 4M+ monthly readers.


How AI Is Transforming Mobile App Development Industry in 2023 | HackerNoon

Want to learn how Artificial Intelligence is making a huge impact on App Development Industry? Here's a detailed guide on AI Is Transforming Mobile Apps.


Elman Mansimov - Amazon Science

Elman Mansimov is a senior applied scientist with Amazon Web Services.


Yi Zhang - Amazon Science

Yi Zhang is a principal applied scientist with Amazon Web Services.


How Artificial Intelligence Can Be Beneficial in the Retail Sector | HackerNoon

A look at how artificial intelligence can be beneficial in the retail sector

Artificial Intelligence Category - Page 209 of 209 - MarkTechPost

Artificial Intelligence is the process of using computers and machines to mimic human problem-solving abilities.

What are Large Language Models (LLMs)? Applications and Types of LLMs - MarkTechPost

What are Large Language Models (LLMs)? Applications and Types of LLMs. Computer programs called large language models provide software

Machine Learning Category - Page 149 of 149 - MarkTechPost

In the field of artificial intelligence, machine learning is a branch that uses data and algorithms to imitate human learning. It's an ongoing process in which computers can improve their accuracy over time through practice with large amounts or "data sets."


WSDM 2023 - Amazon Science

WSDM is one of the premier conferences on web-inspired research involving search and data mining. It includes invited talks, as well as refereed full papers. WSDM publishes original, high-quality papers related to search and data mining on the web and the social web, with an emphasis on practical, yet principled, novel models of search and data mining, algorithm design and analysis, economic implications, and in-depth experimental analysis of accuracy and performance.


BLADE: Biased neighborhood sampling based graph neural network for directed graphs - Amazon Science

Directed graphs are ubiquitous and have applications across multiple domains including citation, website, social, and traffic networks. Yet, the majority of research involving graph neural networks (GNNs) focus on undirected graphs. In this paper, we deal with the problem of node recommendation in…


An AI named Cicero can beat humans in Diplomacy, a complex alliance-building game. Here's why that's big news

In a rare piece of good news from Meta, artificial intelligence researchers at the company have just announced a scientific breakthrough. Their AI program named Cicero can now play the board game Diplomacy at a human level.


New AI Shows What You'd Look Like in Different Eras

A new artificial intelligence-powered app called AI Time Machine by DNA analysis company MyHeritage is taking the internet by storm.

8 Ways AI Will Change the Future of Marketing in 2023

Artificial intelligence is a super technology that adapts to the new reality. Know Ways AI Will Change the Future of Marketing.

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