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3-D movie ‘Despicable Me’ finds hero in behind-the-scenes technology | Network World

The 3-D movie "Despicable Me" opens Friday in theaters, and what you'll see on the screen is the story an arch-villain named Gru who is out to steal the moon to prove his badness. What most movie goers won't realize is that behind the scenes of this family-friendly film was a two-year effort blending animation art, music and digital technology in a non-stop and massive flurry of files sent between artists and production teams in Paris and Hollywood.

DreamWorks: 3D movies to double data storage requirements | Network World

With a growing number of feature-length animated movies and the changeover from a 2D to a 3D format, DreamWorks Animation deployed a disk-based data archive system that reduced the time it takes artists to retrieve reference video from days to seconds.

What your team can learn about innovation from The Simpsons | Network World

Probably the only technical qualification to put Joel Cohen, a writer and associate producer of The Simpsons, in front of the keynote crowd at the Red Hat Summit in June was that Red Hat Enterprise 5 was used to render some of the animation in The Simpsons movie. But Cohen had surprisingly deep-and quite entertaining-advice about innovation and the creative process to offer the conference attendees.

Disk data remanence: Part 1 | Network World

This is the first of two articles looking at disk-drive sanitization. Discarded disk drives with fully readable information have repeatedly been found for sale by computer resellers, at auctions, at used-equipment exchanges, on eBay (you might enjoy an animation of Chumbawamba’s song of that name on YouTube) and even at flea markets and yard sales. One of the most important formal studies of the problem was published in the January/February issue of _IEEE Security & Privacy_ by Garfinkel & Shelat.

CEBIT – ‘Intelligent’ 3-D animation for security, architecture? | Network World

If you've watched "The Lord of the Rings" or many other visual effects-driven Hollywood films, you have seen Massive Software's 3-D animation software at work.

Animation and mobile devices collide | Network World

Remember when you were a kid and you learned how to animate something? You took a notepad and slowly drew pictures on each page, then created a "flip book" that would animate the drawings until you ran out of paper. My favorite animation to draw was an Evel Knievel-type motorcycle jump over several cars that always ended in disaster.

Nvidia - NO - GameDev.net

So Nvidia finally released a new WHQL driver version for Vista today: 97.46I haven't really noticed much in the way of a performance gain ov