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Portfolio tracker, analytics, and visualization for global stocks, cryptos, ETFs.


Singular - Bytes | Developer Community

Singular's Bytes Profile. Bytes is a programmer and software developer community.

Report: Leveraging data analytics to gain competitive advantage in your industry | TechRepublic

Across all industries, segments and geographies, data is being created, captured and consumed at unprecedented rates. With this data explosion comes the

6 ways analytics can help companies grow in a down market

Business analytics are always essential, but when times are tough, they play an especially important role. Learn more about analytics.

Join us for free for upcoming DataHour Sessions - Analytics Vidhya

Register now for upcoming DataHour Sessions and upskill yourself with the latest Data Science, Data Tech and Blockchain trends.


SEOcrawl - Automated SEO reports and insights | AppSumo

Generate actionable SEO reports with your Search Console and Google Analytics data

Simplify Data Migration with AWS DMS - Analytics Vidhya

AWS DMS is a great tool that makes it easier to migrate database workloads to AWS along with continuous data replication.


Як нейромережа на базі 20 000 коментарів чистить інформацію про «прильоти» в соцмережах – AIN.UA

Дмитро Вакуленко, Conversational Frontend Engineer, та Олександр Голуб, AI Trainer в Master of Code Global в колонці для AIN.UA розповіли про те, як українська нейромережа на базі 20 000 коментарів чистить інформацію про «прильоти» в соцмережах. Зокрема про те, як в компанії розробляли систему, яка сама шукає відпо?


Sally Vincent Contributor Bio - Techopedia

All content by Sally Vincent on Techopedia. Sally Vincent is a Threat Research Engineer at <a href="https://logrhythm.com/" rel="noopener...

Azure Synapse Analytics: Reasons Why You Need It - DataScienceCentral.com

Companies and businesses across the broad spectrum of industries today are growing and evolving at a rapid pace. Unfortunately, this growth is often hampered by a variety of challenges, especially those associated with data. These data-related challenges have led companies to look for a unified data platform to deliver real-time forecasting, better transparency regarding their… Read More »Azure Synapse Analytics: Reasons Why You Need It

New LinkedIn Analytics: More Insight Into Followers & Top Posts

LinkedIn's latest updates include new analyics data on top performing posts and expanded audience insights.

Report: Audit Industry Rising to the Data Analytics Challenge - insideBIGDATA

With businesses facing the strongest economic headwinds in years, the Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors (Chartered IIA) is urging internal auditors to embrace data analytics to navigate more risky, uncertain, and volatile times ahead. The new report, "Embracing data analytics: Ensuring internal audit's relevance in a data-led world," from Chartered IIA in partnership with AuditBoard aims to encourage internal audit to fully embrace data analytics and support the organization in doing the same.

MergeStat channels open source and SQL to bring 'operational analytics' to software engineering • TechCrunch

Powered by open source and SQL, MergeStat brings 'operational analytics' to software engineering teams everywhere.

How ChatGPT Is Changing the Game | HackerNoon

Microsoft principal research engineer Shital Shah gives example on how ChatGPT is changing the world.

RossfromWhitby - Bytes | Developer Community

RossfromWhitby's Bytes Profile. Bytes is a programmer and software developer community.

How Apache Arrow Is Changing the Big Data Ecosystem - The New Stack

Arrow makes analytics workloads more efficient for modern CPU and GPU hardware, which makes working with large data sets easier and less costly.

CCCYYYY - Bytes | Developer Community

CCCYYYY's Bytes Profile. Bytes is a programmer and software developer community.

MichaelMortimer - Bytes | Developer Community

MichaelMortimer's Bytes Profile. Bytes is a programmer and software developer community.

How to Install and Use Root in Linux

Simple tutorial on how to install and use Root in Linux to run most analytical models of varying sizes on data analytics on large data sets using a C++ backend.

В Европе увеличилось количество вакансий для украинских айтишников. Кого нанимают и что предлагают

В третьем квартале спрос на украинских IT-специалистов вырос на 15%. Больше всего искали сотрудников в категориях Game Development, .NET, Analytics, Java, PHP и Python.

Why AI Unified Analytics is Good for Your Business | HackerNoon

AI unified analytics can help businesses collect and analyze the data that AI tools require. Learn more about how AI unified analytics is good for business!

Кількість вакансій для українських ІТ-спеціалістів зросла на 15%. Кому платять найбільше | dev.ua

Кількість вакансій для українських ІТ-спеціалістів зросла на 15% у третьому кварталі 2022 року, найпопулярнішими категоріями стали Game Development, .NET, Analytics, Java, PHP та Python, свідчать дані порталу з вакансіями для спеціалістів з ІТ «Just Join IT».

How the VMware Tanzu® Team Fueled their ABM Program to Generate 34x ROI using Priority Engine™ - TechTarget

An interview with tech marketing innovator, Heidi Ramich, Director, Global Marketing Operations & Analytics at VMware Tanzu. VMware Tanzu products can help developers modernize their applications and infrastructure to deliver better software to production. Heidi manages the Marketing Operations team to execute data-driven strategies for the VMware Tanzu business unit.

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