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Deep learning is an advanced form of machine learning that uses neural networks to “learn” from large amounts data. These artificial brains are designed in the shape and function similar as our own human brain

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Founded in 2002, XDA is the world’s largest smartphone and electronics community. Looking for the latest tech news and reviews? Want to do more with your Android phone, Windows PC, iPhone, iPad, or MacBook? Look no further than XDA.

YouTube Brings Photo Editing & Quizzes To Community Posts

YouTube is adding photo editing features and quizzes to the set of tools available to creators when crafting community posts.

How do I make my game act as a Forza telemetry server? - Networking and Multiplayer - GameDev.net

I'm making a pygame driving game. I tried sending UDP packets with a JSON list, but SIM Dashboard does not recognize my game as a telemetry server. Why?My game: Car-Racing-3D/car_racing_3d.py at main · sserver224/Car-Racing-3D (github.com)P.S. After that, how do I make enemy race cars in the game?