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Компания Brand Analytics запустила корпоративный Детектор сбоев | Startpack

Компания Brand Analytics выпустила новый продукт — корпоративный Детектор сбоев, позволяющий компаниям выбирать сервисы для отслеживания сбоев работоспособности.


Присвоение тегов при создании правил | Startpack

<i>В системе Brand Analytics появилась возможность присваивать теги при создании правил. Это значит, что теперь клиенты системы могут настроить автоматизацию тегирования: тег будет присваиваться сообщению по выбранному фильтру и в соответствии с поисковым запросом, созданного под это


Hatica | HackerNoon

Hatica is a work analytics platform that equips engineering teams with stand-up tools, work insights, & collab analytics


AWS gets data clean rooms for analytics data • TechCrunch

AWS today launched a new service that will help users inside an advertising or marketing organization share data with other employees inside their company or with outside partners, all without running the risk of inadvertently sharing personal data. This new service is part of Amazon’s new AWS for Advertising & Marketing initiative, which aims to […]


High-efficiency electrocatalysts could be realized through electronic modulation for advanced lithium-sulfur batteries

The notorious polysulfide shuttle severely impedes the practical application of Li-S batteries. Utilizing various electrocatalysts to improve the polysulfide redox kinetics has emerged as a promising strategy to address the ...


Digital Twin Universities in the Metaverse - Is It the Future of Learning? | HackerNoon

Digital twin university development is the way to advanced learning. Integrate emerging technologies like blockchain and AR/VR to build a next-gen university.


Fitting advanced driving assistance systems to all UK cars could prevent 24% of road crashes

Installing Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) on all cars in the United Kingdom could reduce car crashes by 24%, researchers in Ireland and Luxembourg have found.


Researchers realize perovskite-based phase heterojunction solar cells

Over the past few decades, engineers and material scientists have created increasingly advanced and efficient solar technologies. Some of these technologies are based on photovoltaics with a so-called heterojunction structure, ...


Despite ban, Twitter downloads surge in China amid COVID protests • TechCrunch

Twitter saw a surge in downloads in China as protests against the country’s stringent COVID restrictions erupted nationwide over the last few days. The social media app ranked 9th amongst free iOS apps in China on November 29, up from 150th a week ago, according to app analytics firm SensorTower. Discussion about the protests, a […]


О кампаниях Google – 1 Ответ

Я не очень понимаю, что вы говорите, вы можете использовать utm_term или utm_content, чтобы... Вопрос по теме: html, google-analytics, analytics, campaign-monitor.


The Rigours of NFT Game Design | HackerNoon

NFT games can come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. They can be simple on-chain strategy games, advanced and expansive massively multiplayer online


Steerable soft robots could enhance medical applications

Borrowing from methods used to produce optical fibers, researchers from EPFL and Imperial College have created fiber-based soft robots with advanced motion control that integrate other functionalities, such as electric and ...


2023 Trends in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Generative AI Unfolds   - insideBIGDATA

In this contributed article, editorial consultant Jelani Harper offers his perspectives around 2023 trends for the boundless potential of generative Artificial Intelligence—the variety of predominantly advanced machine learning that analyzes content to produce strikingly similar new content.


Floordle: Track NFT collections, analytics, watchlists, | BetaList

Track NFT collections, analytics, watchlists, sync wallets & create alerts

Google Tag Manager: A GA4 Beginners Guide

Let's get you up and running with this easy-to-follow beginners guide for setting up Google Analytics 4 using Google Tag Manager.

6 Best Python Programming Books Ranked by Reviews | HackerNoon

Programming is more than just typing a few words into a computer. It’s a massive process that requires the knowledge of its own languages. Python is one of these languages, and its use is becoming more widespread each day. As computers become more advanced, companies make use of Python to assist in managing the modern world. On top of it being found in many popular websites, services, and even video games, Python is also used for extremely complex purposes like machine learning and data science. As a res

Mad Curve: Business predictive analytics platform | BetaList

Business predictive analytics platform

Cracking 3 Python Easter Eggs | HackerNoon

Python lessons for beginner and advanced level at the same time

Meet 5 startups working to harness the Earth's heat to save the planet • TechCrunch

To tap into the massive amount of heat the Earth generates, enhanced geothermal startups are focused on advanced drilling techniques.

7 Ways To Use Google Trends For SEO & Content Marketing

Discover seven advanced techniques for unlocking unique keyword research data with Google Trends.

Deep Learning Category - Page 94 of 94 - MarkTechPost

Deep learning is an advanced form of machine learning that uses neural networks to “learn” from large amounts data. These artificial brains are designed in the shape and function similar as our own human brain

Is Using Google Analytics A Search Ranking Factor?

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that helps us understand how people find our website and what they do once there. But can it influence search rankings? Read on and find out the answer.

Colorful начала выпускать GeForce RTX 3070 Ti на графическом чипе GA102 — те же частоты, но энергопотребление выше

Компания Colorful начала выпускать видеокарты GeForce RTX 3070 Ti iGame Vulcan OC, RTX 3070 Ti iGame Advanced OC и RTX 3070 Ti iGame Ultra White OC на базе нестандартного для этой модели графического процессора NVIDIA GA102-150.

How to Use Graph Theory to Scout Soccer - KDnuggets

Take Soccer Analytics to the Next Level with Graph Theory: Here’s What to Know and How to Do It.

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