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    XDA Portal & Forums
    Founded in 2002, XDA is the world’s largest smartphone and electronics community. Looking for the latest tech news and reviews? Want to do more with your Android phone, Windows PC, iPhone, iPad, or MacBook? Look no further than XDA.
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    The Latest Technology Product Reviews, News, Tips, and Deals | PCMag
    PCMag is your complete guide to computers, peripherals and upgrades. We test and review tech products and services, report technology news and trends, and provide shopping advice with price comparisons.
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    TechCrunch • Startup and Technology News
    TechCrunch • Reporting on the business of technology, startups, venture capital funding, and Silicon Valley
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    TechRepublic: News, Tips & Advice for Technology Professionals
    Providing IT professionals with a unique blend of original content, peer-to-peer advice from the largest community of IT leaders on the Web.
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    Новости гаджетов и технологий | ITnet
    Гаджеты электронные и уникальные новинки, обзор новых и полезных гаджетов, смартфонов. Каждый день новости и обзоры высоких технологий.
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    Український телекомунікаційний портал – про сучасні телекомунікації та технології
    Все про сучасні телекомунікації на одному сайті, новини компаній, програмного забезпечення, гаджети, все для дому, телебачення, кабельна продукція, побутова техніка, електроживлення, оператори зв'язку, канали зв'язку та стандарти, мережеве обладнання, нау
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    ProstoMob - новини зі світу технологій
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    Home - is your resource for game development with forums, tutorials, blogs, projects, portfolios, news, and more.
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    All Startups Info
    The right place for world's startups showcases. Discover newest startups submitted daily.
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    OSnews - Exploring the Future of Computing
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    DTF — игры, кино, сериалы, разработка, сообщество
    Профессиональное медиа об играх
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    iLenta — Новости мобильных технологий
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    GeeksforGeeks | A computer science portal for geeks
    A Computer Science portal for geeks. It contains well written, well thought and well explained computer science and programming articles, quizzes and practice/competitive programming/company interview Questions.
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    HackerNoon - read, write and learn about any technology
    How hackers start their afternoon. HackerNoon is a free platform with 25k+ contributing writers. 100M+ humans have visited HackerNoon to learn about technology
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    Homepage - MarkTechPost
    Marktechpost is an AI News Platform providing easy-to-consume, byte size updates in machine learning, deep learning, and data science research
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    iTechua - Новини смартфонів, гаджетів і різних девайсів - це унікальний ресурс, який постачає Вам актуальну інформацію, де кожна людина зможе знайти для себе, щось цікаве, за такими розділами: гаджети та технології, інтернет, культура, мобільний зв'язок, новини, софт.
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    Tech Xplore - Technology and Engineering news
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    Futurism | Science and Technology News and Videos
    Discover the latest science and technology news and videos on breakthroughs that are shaping the world of tomorrow with Futurism.
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    Windows Central - News, Reviews & Help on Windows 10, Windows 11, Xbox & more
    The center of the Windows Universe - featuring news, reviews, help & tips, buyer guides, forums & accessories. Buyer's guides to help you find the best accessories for you. Jump in for a review of upcoming Xbox games or consoles. Troubleshooting issues yo
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    HiTech.Expert: зв'язок, ІТ, наука - огляди та новини
    Інтернет-проект HiTech.Expert: ІТ, мобільний та фіксований зв'язок, бездротові технології, захист мереж, електроніка, телебачення, інтернет, наука.
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    НовостIT | Ежедневные компьютерные новости
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    iMore - Apple News, Reviews, Deals, & Help | Learn more. Be more.
    The ultimate source for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch content. Never miss out on news, deals, reviews, or how-tos! Learn about the products your love, and never worry about buyer's remorse with our buying guides. All this and more on iMore. - Learn M
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    Updated: 2022-12-10 00:27:03 - Learn Latest Computer Programming Languages with solved programs, tutorials, aptitude solutions.
    Learn Online C Programming Language, C++ Programming Language, Java Programming Language, Android Application Development, Linux Operating System, Data Structure with Documentation, Aptitude Questions & Answers, Interview Questions & Answers, MS DOS and M
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    Notebook / Laptop Reviews and News -
    Notebookcheck provides in depth reviews, technical articles like benchmark comparisons, and news on laptops / notebooks, netbooks and tablets.
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